Fashion tips how to build a timeless wardrobe

Fashion tips how to build a timeless wardrobe

Fashion tips how to build a timeless wardrobe.

Here at check out simple ways to build that timeless fashion wardrobe you have always dreamed about. There are many fashion garments out there that are considered timeless wardrobe pieces.

You probably know the ones we’re talking about. Your little black dress, skinny jeans, leather jacket, the list goes on.These are investment pieces that are worth splurging on.

But there are some basic wardrobe pieces that often are overlooked. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our picks of essential items that will allow you to create a timeless wardrobe.

Basic Cardigans

There are some people who think that cardigans belong to old women. But they are wrong. When styled right, they are at home in everyone’s wardrobe. But don’t just stick to one style and size.

Ladies Large Collar Aran Coat

Ladies Large Collar Aran Coat

A long, oversized one will keep you cosy as you chill around the house. For something more sophisticated, drape a cardigan around your shoulders and wear a little black dress. To finish your outfit off, slip on some black heels.

White Button-Down Shirt

If you want to look polished, are heading to an interview or just off to work, a white button-down is your new BFF. But this is something you don’t want to be cheap on.

Your shirt needs to hold up through washes and should not be translucent. For anything cotton, it’s a good idea to go up a size. Otherwise, you will be dealing with awkward gaps around your chest.


Again, this does have a rep for being associated with elderly people. However, loafers are a new, trendy item that is a wardrobe staple. They are formal, comfortable and an incredible shoe to have in your wardrobe.

A pair of backless loafers will allow you to evoke your inner Insta influencer. Bonus style points if you are also rocking some cat eye sunglasses and red lipstick.

But loafers also work with your professional wardrobe. For a cute business casual look, pair them with some black trousers, a blouse and blazer.

White Trainers

Yes, trainers should be considered a wardrobe classic. They are one of the biggest trends this year and are showing no signs of going away. Once you try a pair, you will wonder how you ever went without them.

To get the perfect pair of white trainers, you should look for something that has little to no embellishments. This way, they work with the majority of your wardrobe.


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