Fashion tips to wearing double denim this winter

Fashion tips to wearing double denim this winter

Fashion tips to wearing double denim this winter

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to double denim your fashion look this winter. When we hear the words “double denim” most of us dismiss it as a bad fashion joke that simply doesn’t work.

We like any great fashion look it’s all down to how you choose to style your clothing and double denim can work quite well! Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you simple ways to wear double denim during the winter season. Each look is designed to negate any sign of DD fashion clashing. Let’s take a quick look.

The smartly casual culottes denim look

If you are looking to move your denim fashion look up a few notches, then denim culottes are for you. OK, it’s winter so ankle boots are a great choice of footwear.

Dark denim (black or blue) work well for winter culottes. Have fun with choice with your above the waist fashion. Layer with simple white tee vest and add fun loving colourful chunky knits to your look. Compete with a contrasting crossbody handbag. Simple yet stylish.

Cover up with jacket worn over your denim shirt

Yep, this is easy peasy and the simplest of them all to pull off. If you are a bit dubious about going all denim on denim, then look towards layering up with a jacket. Start with an all-light blue denim shirt.

Add a darker texture and shade below waist. This helps separate a fluent denim flow finish. It’s winter so jackets are allowed. Add a faux fur leather coat to complete. Depending on your below waist denim choice of trousers, plain white sneakers or ankle boots work best.

The denim + shirt dress combo

Yep this is great winter double denim fashion. All that is required is opting for a light shade of denim shirt. Now wear this under a darker shade of blue denim shirt.

Ladies Blue Oversized Denim Jacket

Ladies Blue Oversized Denim Jacket

They make for a great pairing as the DD look is not that obvious but still very effective. Because it’s winter add black tights to keep your pins warms. Kitten heels or sneakers to finish, all depending on the occasion.

Accessorise with denim

Again this is for those of you who don’t want to dive in head first for the DD look. Start small and with pieces of accessories. It’s like denim clutch bags float well when paired with denim jeans or jacket.

Yes this does qualify for the DD look but it’s not that obvious/ Even denim design earrings work well. Opt for pieces that suit your own tastes and always stay inside your own fashion comfort zone.

The contrasting sleeveless denim gilet

There is something sexy about soft blue dark pastel shades of denim during winter. Nothing more so in the shape of a thin lined gilet vest with matching trousers. Add a long sleeve print shirt and wow. This type of trio can be work both day and night for successfully smart fashion finish.


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