Fashion tips how to fix common winter wardrobe mistakes

Fashion tips how to fix common winter wardrobe mistakes

Fashion tips how to fix common winter wardrobe mistakes.

Here at we are going to walk you through simple ways to avoid making wardrobe mistakes this season. While some men absolutely love the summer months, most of you love your clothes during the wintertime.

You are more likely to rock your best garments. Which means that you may fall victim to some common fashion faux pas. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out how to fix common winter wardrobe mistakes.

Wearing The Wrong Headgear

Hats are more often as afterthought than your actual outfit. However, they have the ability to make or break your carefully-thought-out ensemble. Which means choosing the right one is crucial to looking good.

A trapper can look out of place with a shirt and jeans. But, it will look widely inappropriate when worn with tailoring. Likewise, a flat cap can look great when worn with wool or tweeds. However, when you go too far with heritage style, you can give off farmer vibes.

The most versatile and safest bet is the wool beanie. You want it big enough to cover your ears but not so big that you look like a Smurf.

Barbour Men's Shoreditch Waterproof Coat

Barbour Men’s Shoreditch Waterproof Coat

Not Investing In Your Overcoat

You can spot a cheap overcoat a mile away. It’s usually made from material that is the wrong thickness and texture. And it is fastened with buttons that are ready to snap off.

Choosing a quality overcoat is worth the price as you will be able to wear it for years to come. Not to mention, it will work with the majority of your wardrobe if you choose the right one.

Rocking A Wild And Untamed Beard

There is a fine line between a well-kept beard and one that resembles something that lines the bottom of a rabbit’s hutch. It’s a general rule that you should be trimming your beard every two weeks. Or, you can get a barber to do it for you.

Fingerless Gloves

Unless you want to look like an extra in a Dickensian play, you will release sooner or later that fingerless gloves are pointless. They don’t even keep you warm. Your fingertips will eventually succumb to frostbite. So, here’s a tip to replace the ones you lost. Invest in some proper wool gloves that cover your whole hand.


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