Men's styling tips for great casual fashion looks

Men’s styling tips for great casual fashion looks

Men’s styling tips for great casual fashion looks.

Here at see easy ways to put together simple wardrobe looks for men. There seems to be a big misconception about streetwear: that it’s easy. Far from it.

You may be forgiven for thinking that it is a simple case of jeans and a t-shirt. However, putting together any outfit requires smart thinking, as well as solid wardrobe staples. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our tips on how to build a streetwear wardrobe.

A Decent Pair Of Jeans

If your streetwear wardrobe doesn’t begin with a pair of denim jeans, we have led you astray. It’s the guts of any streetwear wardrobe and something you will pair everything else with.

Although selvedge isn’t vital, the strip up the leg is commonplace in streetwear and is seen as a mark of durability. Then, you need to think about the wash. And for some, this isn’t even a question: raw denim all the way. The gradual fading of the denim can make your jeans personal

Men's Navy Blue Bomber Jacket

Men’s Navy Blue Bomber Jacket

Army Outerwear

There is something about a good military jacket that belongs in a streetwear wardrobe. It could be the classic cut and fit of the garment. However, something has to be said for its versatility. No matter how you feel about a military jacket, you have to admit it looks good on everyone and with everything.


There are some days when you just have to take it easy. And that is where your hoodies and joggers come in. While it was once considered the opposite of style, your joggers have become a status symbol in the fashion world.

But it’s not just in the sports world you will find the humble garment. Thanks to the likes of Insta influencers and celebs, it’s become a streetwear hero too.

Printed Tee

The 80s and 90s opened up the world to urban subcultures and possibilities. If you name any streetwear brand, it will be hard not to find their name printed on a t-shirt.

When it comes to styling, think of them as a graphic tee. On one hand, you can keep things simple and let your t-shirt be the focal point of your outfit. On the other hand, you can play around with textures and patterns to let your personality show through.

Men’s styling tips for great casual fashion looks : : Men’s fashion Ireland

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