Natural remedies that will help soothe your eczema

Natural remedies that will help soothe your eczema

Natural remedies that will help soothe your eczema.

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to help you combat eczema Those of you that live with eczema know that it can range from mildly annoying to down right nuisance.

In case you don’t know what eczema is, it’s an allergic disorder that has both genetic and environmental factors. Those with eczema are more likely to react vigorously to allergens in their environment than an average person.

We know you’ve probably tried every remedy in the book. However, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we’ve put together some natural remedies to help you deal with your eczema.

Use Plant Based Relief

There is a reason why many plants have been used to treat eczema for years. Plant based relief can be things like marigolds, witch hazel, aloe, marshmallow, yarrow and many others. But, due to their method of application (ingested or topical), they can come with risks. For example, you could be allergic to aloe or yarrow.

In short, you should consider seeing a dermatologist to better understand what is going on with your skin. It’s not as simple as rubbing a plant onto your skin. This is because different plants have different uses.

Elave Hand Treatment Balm

Elave Hand Treatment Balm

Keep Your Skin Moisturised

If you suffer from eczema, you know that dry skin can cause flare ups. So, it’s important to stay on top on your moisturising game. Dry skin is full of cracks that allow water to escape and allergens in. A healthy barrier that is intact will stop this problem.

Be Aware Of Your Food Allergies

It is widely understood by everyone that the foods you eat can have a big impact on your skin’s health. There may be certain foods that cause your eczema to flare up. So, it goes without saying that these are to be avoided if possible. Some common allergies include chocolate, citrus and strawberries. If you find these cause a reaction, get rid of them from your diet.

Try A Natural Cleanser

Most cleansers have harsh ingredients that can strip your skin of its moisture. And, as we’ve discussed, dry skin can cause your eczema to flare up.

Mild and natural cleansers are made using simple ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Be sure to read the ingredient list of anything you put onto your skin and do a patch test before using.

Switch Up Your Shower Routine

Much like your harsh ingredients in your cleanser, hot showers can also strip your skin. Try lowering the temperature of the water and do not over scrub.


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