Fashion ideas how to style 5 shades of blue this winter

Fashion ideas how to style 5 shades of blue this winter

Fashion ideas how to style 5 shades of blue this winter.

Here at we are going to look at ways to style various shades of blue this coming winter. To some, blue fashion is normally associated with summer months as it could be seen as colder shades.

However, this couldn’t be further than the truth. Given the amount of wonderful shades of blue available today, there are blue colours just perfect for the season ahead.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we are going to take a look at shades of blue that are going to dominate fashion looks this winter. From arctic blue to wonderful shades indigo, see what we recommend for great shades of blue for the months ahead.

The old reliable shade of navy

Who doesn’t love navy right? It is one of the easiest shades of blue to style any time of year. It is practically a neutral tone. Navy can also blend in with any winter fashion assemble.

Think solid navy looks when choosing outerwear. From coats to jackets fused with bright prints, navy is a great winter fashion pleaser. The likes of navy jumpsuits paired with matching navy jackets with red, yellow or pink top items work.

The millennial blue options

Millennial blue is more or less a powdery pastel shade of blue. Normally pended to springtime fashion, it is perfect for winter attire.
This magnificent blue tone is a fabulous mix of quiet and icy hues that is easy styling for dark winter months.

It can also blend in well with the crisp skylines associated with this time of year. This shade fuses well with cosy and soft cashmere dresses or sweaters. Also there is the option to think outerwear.

Millennial coats work well with neutral tones. For example choose your white blouse or top. Add a pair of fitted dark jeans with pair of nude heels. Now complete with your longline millennial blue coat. Cosy and very stylish.

Navy Blue Ardea Water-Repellent Parka

Navy Blue Ardea Water-Repellent Parka

Shades of classic blues

Yep there are a few of these here so bear with us. The likes of sand dollar, rose quartz and Cerulean can offer signs of comfort and consistency during winter months.

The classic blue is a direct shade true blue. It is easy on the eye and not too bright or in your face. Try wearing this under darker layers or even with other darker fashion pieces.

A good option is choose your dark classic blue top. Add a black coat or jacket. Now complete with fitted jeans or trousers to complete to fab winter fashion finish.

Cobalt winter blue

The wonderful shade of cobalt blue is a deeper gem stone shade of blue. Not like cerulean. It doesn’t include any type of greenish tint. It works extremely well when worn in the form of oversized coats or dresses. It’s strong hue means it should be worn as the main shade of your assemble. For any first timers getting used to this shade, think accessories. Bags and shoes in cobalt blue are a good starter.

Oh cerulean we love you 

We adore this shade of blue as it’s simply beautiful. It is a affluent teal gem stone of the great blue. A must for winter fashion. It is bright and vibrant yet still dark enough when piecing together winter fashion items.

Cerulean shaded coats can add something new to your fashion look for the season ahead. It also is a wonderful shade to accessorise with. Teenage fashion Ireland : Fashion ideas how to style 5 shades of blue this winter. Irish fashion news

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