Casual fashion tips to suit every body shape

Casual fashion tips to suit every body shape

Casual fashion tips to suit every body shape.

Here at we are going to show you easy ways to style clothing regardless of your body shape. Just because a dress code says casual, it doesn’t mean you cannot keep things looking stylish.

But a casual dress code can be confusing. To help clear things up, here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we’ve put together some outfit inspiration that look good on every body shape.

How To Dress Casually

Although a casual dress code can mean many things, here are some simple tips to know when putting together a casual outfit:

  • Go for flats instead of heels as they can make your outfits look dressy.
  • Consider leaving your fancy jewellery at home and go for something understated. And beware of wearing too many accessories at once as this can look over-the-top.
  • Go for comfort over trends. This is one of the best things about casual dressing. You can wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel relaxed.

When you think of casual outfits, jeans might be the first thing that comes to mind. They can be the ultimate foundation of countless casual looks and are extremely versatile.

Ladies Black Faux Leather Oversized Jacket

Ladies Black Faux Leather Oversized Jacket

For a chic casual look, try tucking a simple tank top into some mom jeans and put a long cardigan on top. While any colour will work, sticking to neutrals means your outfit stays classy.

Although a short cardigan can look nice, a longer one will elevate your look and feels extra cosy. Some flat mules ensures you look polished and are easy to slip on and off. To finish your outfit off, stick to some simple gold jewellery.


Just like your jeans, your plain tee can be a go-to option for a casual outfit. And, while jeans and a t-shirt will always look good together, why not switch things up with cargo pants? Cargo and utility trousers have made a fashion comeback in recent years and look great with your t-shirt. Cropped, graphic, full length or something in between, any t-shirt looks good with these trousers.


Yes, your skirt can even be casual. The key to making it look casual comes down to your footwear. Trainers, flats or boots will keep it looking casual while heels can be a bit too much. For a cute casual look, simply pair your skirt with lace-up combat boots and an oversized jumper.

Casual fashion tips to suit every body shape : : Ladies fashion Ireland

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