Fashion tips how to style low rise jeans this winter

Fashion tips how to style low rise jeans this winter

Fashion tips how to style low rise jeans this winter.

Here at see some interesting ways to style gals low rise jeans for the season ahead. It’s true what they say. What goes around, comes around. And this includes some fashion trends we never thought would make a comeback. Like low rise jeans.

Believe it or not, one of the most contentious styles from the noughties is back. Now, you may have some reservations about low rise jeans and we don’t blame you.

However, like anything denim, it can look classy when styled right. But if you haven’t got a clue, keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips and style inspiration.

Clean And Classic

This first outfit features clean and classic lines. It is ideal for those of you who want to wear low rise jeans in a timeless way as opposed to trendy.

To start things off, grab a white puff sleeve shirt from your wardrobe. Then, add a pair of dark wash jeans. You can keep jewellery to a minimum to keep things classy. A simple shoe style like some espadrilles is enough to complete your outfit.

Ladies Straight Leg Low Rise Jeans

Ladies Straight Leg Low Rise Jeans


If you are a fan of trends from the 2000s, you will love this next outfit inspiration. Pair your boxy striped tee with low rise jeans. Unlike the cleanliness of the first outfit, this one has deconstructed details. As a result, it looks relaxed and comfortable. A denim jacket will keep things looking cosy and some tie dye shoes will touch of the throwback vibe.

Going Out

For our final look, we are going to put together a modern version of a ‘going out’ outfit from the 2000s. So, your basic ‘going out’ top, jeans and cute shoes.

You can experiment with different colours, but we are going to keep it simple with a black top and jeans. To start off, put together a flowy baby doll top with some coated black low rise jeans. To add some edge to your outfit, throw on a black blazer and finish with some pink shoes for a pop of colour.


Fashion tips how to style low rise jeans this winter : Teenage fashion Ireland

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