Styling tips how to wear metallic fashion this winter

Styling tips how to wear metallic fashion this winter

Styling tips how to wear metallic fashion this winter.

Here at we are going to show you 3 easy ways to style metallic clothing for the season ahead. Given metallic comes in bright and vibrant shades, we know colour is not for everyone. However, for those who are comfortable with their fashion look, metallic shades can be real fun during dark winter months.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you 3 simple and basic ways to style metallic this winter. All you need is a little confidence and fashion now how to pull off the beautiful shades of metallic this season.

The metallic skirt effects

If you are first timer looking to inject metallic into your fashion finish, then the skirt look is a great way to start. It can be used to dress up or down but is probably best left to any causal fashion look.

Metallic pleated skirts offer an interesting look to your below the waist look. This can be paired with a contrasting hoodie and white sneakers.

If you do need to move your fashion style up a notch, look towards shirt of blouse wear. Go white or light shades of grey. Add black ankle boots and you are good to go! Oh don’t forget your black clasp close handbag.

Ladies Blue Metallic Puffer Jacket

Ladies Blue Metallic Puffer Jacket

The metallic top look

For those of you looking to wear metallic as part of your everyday look, best look towards denim. Shades of pink metallic look stylish when fused with blue denim boyfriend jeans.

Make you top choice interesting by ensuring it has added design features. Compete the look with a pair of light brown suede or leather look boots. What can also be an interesting finish is add a pair of off-white faux-snakeskin ankle boots to finish your assemble.

The metallic puffer coat or jacket look

Insulation is vital during dark cold winter months. What better way to style the light fantastic shade of metallic than with a puffer jacket? Cold or silver puffer jackets fuse effortlessly with contrasting turtleneck sweaters.

Below the waist, black leggings or skinny jeans are an excellent choice. Also, a black faux leather look midi skirt also works well with this stylish set up. Complete the look with black pair of suede or leather ankle boots.

And finally

Metallic fashion is supposed to be fun, but caution is required to those of you not fully confident to delve straight in. If you are having any reservations, then start small. Opt for the metallic puffer jacket look first. As your confidence builds, extend your wardrobe out to include other exciting metallic fashion pieces.


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