Fashion tips how to style a shirt dress during winter

Fashion tips how to style a shirt dress during winter

Fashion tips how to style a shirt dress during winter.

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to style your shirt dress this winter. The shirt dress is a fab piece of fashion to be adored 12 months of the year. Don’t be fooled that it’s only a summer time fashion favourite.

With winter months now becoming milder, you can expect to see more of this great free flowing fashion dress. The key things to remember when styling any shirt dress 365 days of the year is getting a colour that suits your look.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you how to style your shirt dress for the season ahead. When worn correctly, it can provide a smart killer fashion look for both day and night.

Back to black with your shirt dress

One great way to fit into the winter season with your shirt dress is opt for darker hues. Switch up your normal white shirt dress for summer months over to a black faux leather shirt dress.

It’s chic and on trend for winter months. Simply complete your look with Dr Martens or military style black boots. Have clear coloured tights on hand for when temperatures dip.

Ladies Midi Floral Shirt Dress

Ladies Midi Floral Shirt Dress

The shirt dress and trouser combo

Layering is also important to consider when dressing any great winter fashion look. This also applies when styling your shirt dress this season.

You can switch your tights over to a fitted pair of flared trousers to match with your shirt dress. Skinny leather trousers also work for this look too! Ensure to keep your shirt dress tones neutral (crisp whites)

Add darker shade trousers. Depending on the occasion ankle boots really add a touch of class to this great fashion assemble.

Go full length with your shirt dress

At Irish fashion news, we know layering is important. during winter. Tights are not for every gal so try extending the hemline of your shirt dress this season. OK, this style of dress may not be as easy to access as shorter versions but do try.

Try pairing your button-down greys or dark shaded shirt dress with contrasting knee high boots. Add a short waistline suede jacket in tonal shades to complete. It’s stylish and effect and a break from the norm

Have fun accessorising your shirt dress

Winter is a fab time to get inventive with accessories. The likes of statement hats and bright colour block handbags are made for winter months fashion.

Try knee length boots to add that classic garment finish to your shirt dress winter look. For autumnal and winterland fashion finishes, accessories can be your best friend this season. : Fashion tips how to style a shirt dress during winter : Teenage fashion Ireland : Irish fashion news

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