Fashion tips how to wear jumpsuits for a chic finish

Fashion tips how to wear jumpsuits for a chic finish

Fashion tips how to wear jumpsuits for a chic finish.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to help you wear jumpsuits for a chic finish. The jumpsuit is a great fashion combo that allows amalgamates your trousers and top finish all in one go. Because it’s so versatile it’s easy to see why it’s a “go to” fashion piece for women of all ages.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you key things to remember when styling your jumpsuit this season. Take on board these fashion tips and you can look great all day or night.

Finding the perfect fitting jumpsuit

Let’s start from the beginning. Getting the right jumpsuit that fits your body shape is a priority. Your jumpsuit should never be too loose or too tight. Loose fitting jumpsuits will never compliment your figure. Tight looking jumpsuits are uncomfortable and look naff.

Always choose a jumpsuit that fits comfortably to the bust and bottom area. Make sure the waist finish isn’t frabby or bulky. Its always best to try on a jumpsuit before buying. If you can bend your knees in comfort, then it’s good to go.

Waist definition is important 

This is another key point to remember when choosing your jumpsuit. Getting the fit to the waist is very important. Anything that is too loose throws off the shape of your figure. If your suit is slightly loose, don’t worry. Matching belts can help you adjust the midriff look by clinching the waist. A good-looking jumpsuit should always present a fitted look.

Style it with a fitted blazer

By adding something as simple as a blazer can elevate your jumpsuit look in an instant. It can also inject different dimensions to any outfit finish. A white jumpsuit is able to go it alone. However, add a fitted blazer and you automatically add personality to your overall fashion finish.

For those of you who have never done the jumpsuit look before, a blazer will help. It will make you feel more comfortable. It also manages to break up the look while adding a layer that makes your jumpsuit more subtle. Opt for tones that colour compliment your jumpsuit.

Ladies Jumpsuit in Teal

Ladies Jumpsuit in Teal

Heels and wide leg jumpsuits are prefect

Here at Irish fashion news, we know choosing the right footwear for your jumpsuit can always be a challenge. However, heels are the only option when wearing a jumpsuit for any type of chic finish.

Also, by wearing heels can create the illusion of long and lean. This means by not having the bottom of the jumpsuit too bunched up. Heels always manages to elongate your silhouette when wearing fitted fashion. Ensure to contrast your footwear according with the shade of your jumpsuit.

Solid colours make the best chic jumpsuit look

If you are just starting off with the jumpsuit look then a little caution is needed. Opt for solid colours like navy, black or any dark coloured jumpsuits.

If you want to be a little more adventurous maybe add a tiny bit of polka dot or print to your look. Solid dark colours are always slimming. It also helps to elongate your look. This is because it is one unbroken vertical line. It allows the eye to move easily up and down without interruption.

When you have adopted the jumpsuit look, then take your fashion look up one notch at a time. This means by injecting some colour pop to your choice of jumpsuit. However, never forget the key fashion rules to wearing a jumpsuit for a chic finish. Make sure it’s fitted and present it in a sophisticated fashion manner.


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