Fashion ideas 5 ways how to style pleated skirts this winter

Fashion ideas 5 ways how to style pleated skirt this winter

Fashion ideas 5 ways how to style pleated skirts this winter.

Here we are going to show you some simple ways to style ladies pleated skirts this coming winter. The pleated skirt is actually a firm fashion favourite for women once autumn hits.

Their diversity ensures they can be styled in so many different ways. Available today on thousands or hues, they also are available in modern day material like VPC leather.

One of the other great things about the stylish pleated skirt are the variation of the hemlines. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you 5 easy ways to style your pleated skirt for the winter ahead.

The pleated skirt and knee-high boot affect

We at Irish fashion news appreciate Its winter right. For some who are not tight lovers, long knee boots are your pins best buddies. This is where the pleated skirt twins perfectly with your boots.

Tan pleated skirts wow with black knee boots. In reverse tan knee boots work with neutral three quarter length pleated skirts. For those of you who can bare the winter breeze, black miniskirts with knee high boots make a sexy winter fashion offering. Clear tights might be a safer additive

Go casual with plated skirt and hoodie

Yes, this look actually does work. However, this will only be casual fashion at best. Given your look is not formal it allows to you experiment with different hues and lengths.

Try and stick to warmer shades of reds, violets even orangey shades look fab in pleated skirt styles. Make sure to colour contrast your above the waist hoodie piece.

Ladies Vobira Striped Pleated Skirt

Ladies Vobira Striped Pleated Skirt

Style it up with blazer and pleated skirt

This is a fab fashion combination during winter and want that looks very stylish. From waisted blazers to long line blazer finishes, this can be oh so chic. Again this is about introducing warm tonal palettes and contrasting them with combining pieces.

Jumper up your pleated skirt look

Pleated skirts and sweaters were designed as the perfect marriage for winter months. They are warm, stylish where you determine the hemline finish.

Turtlenecks and above ankle finish pleats work best the colder the weather. Leather look skirts are also best suited to this time of year. Just ensure to colour coordinate the above waist to the below waist finish.

Coats and pleated skirts

We are stuck on winter fashion, so we are going to keep it going. Like sweaters, coats are also a pleated skirt buddy during winter. Monochrome looks are fab this time of year. Ensure on colder days to layer up with your sweater, blazers and your comfy boots.

Get shirty with your pleated skirt

Most defined for summer months the pleated skirt and shirts can look good together when styled correctly during winter months. This might however mean adding extra layering like a sweater of cardigan to your look. Whites, blues and cream shirts are safest shirts options. The rest if up to you!

Indoor pleated skirt and graphic tee fusion

Yes, this is certainly a look that can’t be a “go it alone look.” While graphic tee designs are seeing somewhat of a resurgent this year, tread carefully. Opt for single style graphics and colour contrast below the waistline. Have a cute bright coatigan on hand when venturing outdoors.


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