Fashion tips how to style floral print during winter

Fashion tips how to style floral print during winter

Fashion tips how to style floral print during winter.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to style lovely floral pattern and prints this winter. Usually associated with more springtime and summer weather, floral isn’t a colour most of us would choose during winter.

However, when styled correctly, floral prints can be equally striking during winterish days as that of summer. There is a right way and then the wrong way to style floral print for the season ahead. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some quick ways to nail that great look.

Choose the correct fabric

Yep, it’s winter ladies and this one is very important to remember when choosing the material for your floral print. The likes of Linen, chiffon floral prints are great for summery days. However, the weather is colder now so caution required.

The right material choice

The likes of sweater or knit dresses with floral pattern inclusion are perfect for wintery months of weather. Ensure your fashion pieces above the waist include long sleeve and extended hemlines. Make sure to balance out your floral look to alert onlookers what season you are styling for.

Floral fashion alert

One thing you need to avoid when wearing floral during winter is to send out mixed signals. When the temperature dips it’s fine to don a scarf and closed toe shoes with your floral assemble. However, bare legs are a real no no. Cover these up with tights or ever knee-high boots. This to avoid your assemble running into a seasonal identity crisis

Switch out simmer piece to winter items

Floral fashion is always great fun during the summer months. You can pair floral dresses, trousers and tops with lots of exciting accessories. However, because it is winter, more caution is required. Switch out anything that resembles a crop top and replace with a more suited blouse or shirt.

Ladies Floral Waterproof Hooded Jacket

Ladies Floral Waterproof Hooded Jacket

Make sure your floral prints fit in

Choosing shades of floral is critical when styling any print design during winter months. Avoid pastel shades as again this will confuse your look with summer. Instead opt for more winterish warmer hues like reds, burgundy, purples or teal. OK, they might not be as vibrant as bright summer fashion hues, but they will be more affective.

Don’t forget your layering

Staying warm during winter months is also very important. If you are snug in what you wear, you will enjoy it even more. Opaque black tights with fusion of reds or browns are also a good tight choice. If you choose floral print dresses, ensure to neutralise your above the waist finish. This also applies in reverse.

Accessorise your floral look

This rule is quite simple when maximising any floral print look. As well as colour contrasting any floral assemble, ensure your accessories don’t collide. Keep any accessory pieces like hats or bags basic when wearing floral print. Otherwise your print and no contrasting accessory shades will clash . Caution required at all times.


Fashion tips how to style floral print during winter : : Ladies fashion Ireland


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