Fashion tips to finding colours that boost your confidence

Fashion tips to finding colours that boost your confidence

Fashion tips to finding colours that boost your confidence.

We tend to associate different colours to different things. You may know that interior designers use colours to create different moods in your home. So, why not apply that technique to your clothes? Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland  to find out how wearing the right colours can affect how you feel.


Are you looking to capture someone’s attention? Well then, red is your colour. Red empowers and draws attention to those who wears it.

Often strongly associated with romance and passion, it is the perfect colour to wear for date night. However, you should exercise caution. It is said that red stimulates the appetite and makes you crave junk food.


Much like red, orange draw attention and give passionate energy to those who wear it. However, it is a little more soothing. While orange can be a difficult colour to wear for certain skin tones, it can help radiate a positive mood if you can wear it.


Keeping the warm colours going, next we have yellow. For those of you who are not feeling that great, it is the perfect colour to cheer you up. Often associated with intelligence and inspiration, it is the colour you should wear if you have a big exam. Who knows? It may even help you come up with the answers.


Not just for St. Patrick’s Day, green is a colour that exudes calm. More so for its association with nature and the outdoors. Green is also a refreshing shade to wear and can be found to reduce stress.

Ladies Double Breasted Blue Blazer

Ladies Double Breasted Blue Blazer

However, it can be a tricky colour to pull off, so it’s best to experiment to find your perfect shade. If you have exams coming up and don’t feel like rocking yellow, try green instead for a sense of calm.


Both peaceful and calming, blue can also give off cold and standoffish vibes. If you are feeling particularly stressed out, it might be the perfect colour to calm you down.

However, for those of you who feel sad, you might want to steer clear. Blue can subconsciously make you feel more ‘blue’. For all you artsy people out there, blue is the perfect colour to get your creative juices flowing.


Both regal and sophisticated, purple is the perfect shade to add a touch of luxury to your outfit. Much like red, it can be a stimulating colour which can boost energy levels. It is also the colour associated with spirituality. So, if you are having trouble making a decision, try some purple and see how you get on.


Fashion tips to finding colours that boost your confidence : : Teenage fashion Ireland

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