Styling tips how to dress like a fashion model

Styling tips how to dress like a fashion model

Styling tips how to dress like a fashion model.

Here at see some quick styling tips to help you dress like a modern day fashion model. If you know something about the modelling industry, you know that most models are familiar with casting calls.

This is where designers, editors and agents pick the models they want to hire. And, at these castings, models are expected to look their best.

Even if you do not attend any casting calls, you can take some inspiration from them about fashion and beauty. Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to see the top lessons to take from modelling casting calls.

Master The Art Of Simple Dressing

At most castings, models are asked to dress as simply as possible. And, since casting directors need to know what each model looks like, this makes sense. This way, there are free from being distracted by loud or trendy clothes. As basic model outfit consists of black skinny jeans, black tank top and some heels.

Whether you are a model or not, there is something you can take away from this. Sometimes, the simplest outfits are best and especially when they let your natural beauty shine. In other words, the best outfit is the one that lets your personality shine.

Ladies Black Shimmer Dress

Ladies Black Shimmer Dress

Bare Makeup

As well as wearing simple clothes, models are often required to keep makeup to a minimum. Basic makeup allows casting people to see model’s features, whilst bold makeup can be a distraction.

In your own life, you know there are times to rock a bold lip and smoky eye. However, there is something refreshing about a simple, clean face. A bare look usually consists of concealer, blush and a few coats of mascara. However, if you need more coverage, feel free to use a tinted moisturiser.

Details Are Important

We all know that models are heavily scrutinised. Every inch of their bodies are put under a very unforgiving microscope. As a result, models know the importance of paying attention to the little details.

And while us non-models can be grateful we are not as heavily scrutinised, we should also pay attention to the details. Especially as the smallest ones can make or break our outfits.

Styling tips how to dress like a fashion model : : Teenage fashion Ireland

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