how to style men's shoes

Fashion ideas how to style men’s shoes with denim jeans

Fashion ideas how to style men’s shoes with denim jeans.

Here at we are going to show you simples ways to style gentlemen’s shoe with jeans for the season ahead.  Although chinos, cargo trousers and joggers have made their way back into your wardrobes, jeans are still king. For all of your life events, be they formal or something more casual, you cannot go wrong with denim.

Oh, but it turns out you can. And one of the stumbling blocks when it comes to your denim jeans lies in your choice of footwear. Matching your shoes to your denim does not have to be hard. This is where we come in. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our tips on the best shoes to wear with your denim jeans.


Despite a shift in their function in recent years, jeans are still workwear. They are practical and utilitarian. To counterbalance your denim, you need the right shoe. While Oxfords may work with smart denim, Derbies are a better bet. Just try and steer clear of black ones. Or, if you don’t have another choice, get the right colour denim. Something like stonewashed or distressed will work best.


Although more formal than your trainers, brogues are still a relatively casual smart shoe to rock with your jeans. Originally designed for farmers to get through muddy fields, they are more suited to business casual attire rather than your formal denim.

As a general rule, chunky brogues with holes will always look more casual. And don’t forget about colour. While casual tan brogues do not work with navy tailoring, they pair well with indigo denim. And you will always get bonus style points when your brogues’ colour matches your denim’s stitching.

Men's Leather Toe Cap Double Monk Shoes

Men’s Leather Toe Cap Double Monk Shoes


We at Irish fashion news know eve if you try very hard, it is impossible to put a foot wrong with minimal trainers. Sleek, low-rise styles go with most varieties of denim, except for bootcut jeans. Another thing to keep in mind is your skinny jeans. Usually, the combination of long, thin high-tops and your skinny denim will make your feet look a little clownish.

Penny Loafers

An Ivy League staple that has gained popularity among street style fashion lovers, penny loafers will add some money to your outfit. however, it’s important to tread carefully. Their low vamp, as well as a wide leg opening, can make your feet look a little stubby. Therefore, it’s best to stick to jeans that are tapered and cropped.

Monk Strap

We are throwing it back to the mid noughties with this one. Combining some formality of an Oxford with swashbuckling style, monk straps lend a certain casual quality to your outfit.

Again, you need to think about colour and shape. A mid-brown monk will work well with a mid-to-light blue denim jean. And do not forget about texture. Swapping out your leather for some suede will step up your style.

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