Fashion tips to styling denim jackets this winter

Fashion tips to styling denim jackets this winter

Fashion tips to styling denim jackets this winter.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to style your denim jacket for the season ahead. As one of the best-selling out layering pieces of fashion in the world today, the denim jacket is a fab piece of fashion.

For over 200 years it has stood the test of time as being a practical and stylish piece of fashion wear. Although it’s not the warmest of jackets, it has in recent years been adapted to cater for cold chilly weather. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you easy ways to style denim jackets this winter.

What is a denim jacket?

Introduced in the America back in the 1800’s. the denim jacket is a popular type of casual unisex ladies and men’s jacket. Also known as the “Trucker jacket” it is constructed solely using denim fabric. Today it is estimated that over 12 million denim design jackets are sold every year.

Layer your denim jacket with hoodie

You don’t have to wait for temperatures to dip below zero to try this fashion look. Also for those of you who prefer the double denim look, this is your safest option.

During winter, pair your denim jacket with a bright shaded hoodie. Add straight leg or skinny jeans. Complete the look with white sneakers or ankle boots. Other options are don a grey hoodie with super dark blue denim jeans. It presents a classic style of finish.

Finally, discover the beauty of neon fashion hoodies this winter. Pair your black jeans with black shoes, Add your denim jacket for a super colour-blocking effect.

Ladies Pale Blue Distressed Denim Jacket

Ladies Pale Blue Distressed Denim Jacket

It’s always cool to accessorize your denim jacket

If you are looking to stay both warm and stylish this winter, add a scarf to your denim jacket look. Opt for a fitted style white tee or plain long sleeve shirt. Add your thick woollen scarf and wrap around neck with 2 ends landing to front.

This is fun fashion as it allows you to experiment with different shades and scarf textures. The key thing to nailing any scarf look during winter is colour balance. The beauty about a quality scarf is you can adjust it according to outdoor temperatures.

Sweater and denim jacket combo

Here at Irish fashion news, we know this is a fab combination of denim and jumper fashion. Cable knits are hot this season and are perfect to wear under your denim jacket.

It allows you to pair with both jeans or trousers and can give a polished fashion finish to your look. Opt for shades that sit well with the season and warm tones are always a good choice of sweater. The turtleneck adds a bit more sophistication to your fashion look also. For something more bohemian, fuse a creamy sweater with brown fitted corduroy trousers. Add tan ankle boots to complete.

The sweater dress and tights fusion

Bare legs for some ladies are a bit all too much to bear when winter strikes. This is where you fall back on the old reliable like tights. The sweater dress is not only comfy and warm but perfect for combining above and below waist fashion. One thing we do recommend is to opt for warm safe colours with your sweater dress during winter.

One great look we love is fusing your burgundy or maroon sweater dress with black tights and knee height boots. Now add your black denim jacket to complete this sophisticated look.

One other combo is combine your blue or green sweater dress with brown knee-high boots. Then add tan or light shaded denim jacket.

The denim jacket and plaid affect

This super relaxed combo is suitable for women of ages and a great look too. It allows for you to bring out that real relaxed fashion assemble, perfect for those lazy fashion days.

Opting for warm fused plaid combinations are vital during winter months. It can add a glow to your overall fashion finish. The denim jacket is just the cherry on the cake.

Add graphic tee black or dark leggings and complete the look with your denim jacket. If you want to lift your look a tad, pair your white fitted round neck tee with blue plaid shirt. Add your dark wash jeans, and complete with black sneakers and denim jacket. : Fashion tips to styling denim jackets this winter : Teenage fashion Ireland : Irish fashion news

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