Fashion tips to styling leather jackets and jeans

Fashion tips to styling leather jackets and jeans

Fashion tips to styling leather jackets and jeans.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to style your jeans with leather jackets. As we know, winter is upon us and you can really tell it’s here with shorter days and nights. This is the season when the likes of faux leather can become a girl’s best friend.

Thanks to innovative designs of today, ladies leather jackets come in so many wonderful shapes and designs. This makes it so much easier to put together a fashion assemble that suit you. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we going to show you easy ways to get that great faux leather jacket look this season.

The black jeans and motorcycle look

Tradition and style represent this old and reliable fashion look for the gal of any generation. The motorcycle jacket (biker jacket) is super casual.

At Irish fashion news, we known this look actually works well with blue denim also. Take slim fit black jeans. Add white tee and biker jacket. Black ankle boots finish well with black jeans. For blue denim jeans, add white sneakers or black ankle boots. A fab 365-day fashion look.

Grey jeans and burgundy leather jacket fusion

This look is designed for winter. The burgundy red adds colour to your smart casual assemble. It also gives you more of an opportunity to dress up your leather jacket look.

Take a grey skinny. Add a pastel turtleneck sweater. Complete the look with your biker style burgundy leather jacket. Ankle and over knee boots look good with this finish. It’s warm and fashion warm and fashionable this season.

Tone down with brown and cropped jeans

This is a great fashion look that allows you to mix it up a bit any rime of season. All we would say is during winter think adequate footwear for this look. OK, first of all take your dark or light shade denim crops. Add creamy turtleneck sweater and brown biker style leather jacket. Loafers of heels for summer, long or ankle boots for winter.

Ladies Faux Leather PU Jacket

Ladies Faux Leather PU Jacket

Dress me up with black jeans and white leather jacket

We love this combo as it is a pure classic fashion finish. Your white faux leather jacket in biker style adds glam to your look. Fuse this with skinny black jeans to inject contras to your finish. Complete with heels or ankle boots.

Distressed jeans with leather studded jacket

This retro fashion combo or skinny distressed jeans and studded biker jacket has that Cher and Meatloaf look about it. This rebelette fashion look is super casual and black or blue denim jeans comes to call. Don’t forget, heels play a part in this fashion finish. Experiment with graphic tees as it’s the girl inside look waiting to get out!

Your boyfriend jeans and leather jacket fusion

This fashion assemble allows you to experiment with different colours, shades and textures. From tan leather, to dark grey or blacks, you own it. It’s a casual come semi casual finish. It’s all about the finish. White sneakers for casual and boots to lift your look. Blouses for semi formal and tees for relaxed. Whatever the occasion, enjoy this great fashion look.



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