Fashion ways to style cashmere during winter months

Fashion ways to style cashmere during winter months

Fashion ways to style cashmere during winter months.

Here at we are going to look at ways to style cashmere fashion this winter. Owning a cashmere fashion piece during winter months is a must for any true fashionista. Whether it’s a beautiful cashmere coat or sweater, it’s worth the investment for the months ahead.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look at simple ways to cashmere fashion into your winter wardrobe looks. Before we do that, let’s see what cashmere is?

Cashmere wool explained

Cashmere wool is a fibre is the woollen material abstracted from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and some other breeds of goat. This subtle yarn is most commonly used in the construction of sweaters, dresses and coats

The cashmere sweater affect

The trick to nailing any great cashmere fashion look is playing with its different textures. As we know, sweaters are a vital part of any great casual fashion look during winter. It adds a a warm protect layer between your skin and the outside world.

One great look we like this season is the inclusion of turtleneck cashmere. Opt for a burgundy turtleneck cashmere sweater. Add fitted blue denim jeans. Complete the look with white sneakers.

If you need to raise your look to something more formal, add ankle boots. Great for that mid range winter day (without rain)

Get ready to suit your look

Cashmere is great for including as part of any type of formal wear during winter. This means it can be added to a pant or dress suit assemble quite easily. You have your suit so add a colour block cashmere sweater (even your turtleneck will do) Now complete this formalised fashion throw with contrasting kitten heels. It’s warm and smart with the extra added comfort of cashmere added.

Irish made ladies cashmere sweater

Irish made ladies cashmere sweater

The dress plus cashmere sweater approach

Its winter right so warmth is essential to keeping the body and mind happy. For those not too cold days, think about combining your sweater with a bright free flowing dress.

Options like bright satins work well as it adds a touch of chicness to your fashion assemble. Opt for grey or black cashmere above the waste.

Marigold yellow or electric blue stains dress are a fab pairing. Add heels or sneakers to complete the look. A black coat on hand is handy if temperatures dip. Beautiful ad cosy.

Blouse and cashmere trousers look

Step into a great fashion look this winter by combining woollen trousers with a sharp crisp blouse. Opt for a pair of grey cashmere trousers and fuse them with a white shirt or blouse.

If you are ready for the cherry on the cake then here goes. Add a long length colourful wool coat to complete look. Shades or reds or yellows work a treat. It adds some pop to a fabulous and comfy fashion assemble this winter.

The tulle skirt and cashmere sweater combo

Who doesn’t love the look of the tulle skirt? It’s simply fab and ideal piece of fashion wear for colder months. Grey or burgundy cashmere sweaters first please.

Now add your black tulle skirt. It’s a semi casual fashion finish that can be complete in two ways. For oh so casual, add sneakers. For that important date night, add ankle black ankle boots.


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