Fashion tips to wearing bright coats and jackets this winter

Fashion tips to wearing bright coats and jackets this winter

Fashion tips to wearing bright coats and jackets this winter.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to wear bright fashion this winter. Normally, most winter wardrobes are made up of neutral and dark colours. Shades like browns, black and creams and navy. However,

For those of you looking to expand on their choice of winter hues, read on. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we are going to show you 4 simple ways to achieve Remember, the trick to wearing colour during winter is to select 2 bright shades and style them with neutral pieces.

Choose a bright statement coat look

For those of you who love bright bright, look to neon as a wonderful winter shade this season. Take your fitted coat or jacket in shades of pink or even electric blue . Now here’s the trick. Ensure that the rest of your assemble is made up of mainly dark neutral pieces,

This helps to bring balance to your look and eject the loudness of the neon. It also ensure your overall look is winter perfect fashion. For example, try pairing your pink neon coat with a pair of black skinny fit jeans. Then complete by adding a white and black stripped hoodie or sweater.

Another option is to fuse a green neon pea shade coat with normal blue denim jeans and black hoodie or sweater. Add a pair statement heels to complete this simple yet basic fashion finale.

Let you red jacket do the talking

The likes of a crimson coat in your preferred style is great when paired with solid neutrals. It allows for a more polished. For example, opt for a red cherry coat and build around a navy coloured centre piece dress.

The navy helps to tone down any brightness of the red shade. However, in saying this red adds a warm glow to any navy outfit. Looking for something more retro? Opt for a black and white polka dot dress and add a dulled down red jacket and heels ankle boots to complete look please.

Try shading it with yellow

Did you know that a yellow coat or jacket can look fab during winter when styled correctly. The beauty about yellow is you choose the tone that suits you. From daffodil to canary even mustard looks fab during darker months,

Dull downed shades of yellow are probably the easiest to style during the months of autumn and winter. The trick to wearing yellow in winter is ensuring the rest of your assemble is neutral.

Feather & Down Quilted Puffer Jacket

Feather & Down Quilted Puffer Jacket

Let’s take your mid-length trench coat in a shade of dandelion. Now add chic black clothing and heels. Black is probably the best neutral shade to fuse with yellow. However, the likes of charcoal grey or dark shades of green are other great options.

Be inventive and mix it up a bit

Did you know to be fashionable this winter, you don’t have to go all out and go single solid with your coloured statement coat? You can easily make a great fashion impact by opting for a neutral colour. This is where detailing comes into play.

For example, try fusing a shade of deep blue in the style of a biker jacket with a faux fur orange colour. This makes for a more eye pop finish which is quite cool.

Also look at coat designs that include some clever colour-blocking. This will make it easier to style with other bright hues. Go sophisticated geometric pattern that are mainly neutral tones.


Fashion tips to wearing bright coats and jackets this winter : : Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland

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