The best fashion patterns to add to any winter wardrobe

The best fashion patterns to add to any winter wardrobe

The best fashion patterns to add to any winter wardrobe.

Here at, know many of us has some sort of print in our wardrobes. And while plaid seems to be the number one print for autumn, it doesn’t have to be the only print you wear.

If you are looking to shake up things in your winter wardrobe, keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for the best patterns to wear this year.


Here at Irish fashion news, we advise you add some floral flair to your winter wardrobe this year? It is one of the most popular prints in fashion and can be worn in a variety of ways. We don’t need to tell you that florals are incredibly versatile and looks great on everyone.

While many people associate florals for spring, this print in a darker tone is a great way to add this print into your winter wardrobe. If you want to go all in on this trend, you can rock a floral dress or top. However, for a subtle approach, you can use something as simple as a hair scarf.

Ladies Print Revere Collar Coat

Ladies Print Revere Collar Coat

Checker Print

If you are looking for a simple way to make a bold statement, you need some checker print. Not only will it liven up your autumn wardrobe, but it is also a cool alternative to plaid. While black and white are classic colours, checker print also looks great in neon pinks, reds and yellows. Not only that, but these colours make for a great grunge inspired outfit.

Polka Dot

For a fun and playful print, why not incorporate some polka dots into your autumn wardrobe. A firm favourite, these colourful circles show no signs of decreasing in popularity. Depending on the piece, polka dots can be worn for any occasion. so, it is not uncommon to see this print in the working environment.

Animal Print

From cheetah prints, to zebras or good old snakeskin, animal print has dominated the fashion world. This is because it gives you endless possibilities when it comes to creating cute and chic outfits. Beyond your top and dresses, animal print also works well on bags, scarves and shoes.


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