Fashion tips to styling ladies gilets this winter

Fashion tips to styling ladies gilets this winter

 Fashion tips to styling ladies gilets this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we talk about the fabulous gilet and how to style it this winter. The gilet or body warmer is a fleecy, quilted or padded armless jacket. In recent years they are the g-to outerwear piece for all weathers to keep you warm.

Warmth & Style

It’s a tremendously functional extra piece of layering you can add on or peel away at whim. As a perfect all-season piece of fashion wear, the gilet is a must for any fashionable lady of today.  Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we are going to discover more about this brilliant piece of clothing.

The history of the beautiful gilet

Knowing the origin or history of your clothes is good to know. The actual origin of the gilet goes back to the 15th century in France. and associated with the word ‘jerkin’.

These pieces of clothing were often worn by the poor or peasants of this period. Fast forward to the 16th century where the jerkin was padded for the aristocracy of the day.

This created a more modern taken on the gilet that we all know today. Did you know Henry VIII was a big fan of the padded jerkin. Fast forward 5 centuries and the gilet is today one of the most versatile pieces of causal outerwear enjoyed by women of all ages.

Ladies Gilet

Ladies Gilet

The right fit is important

Your gilet should ideally fit your body in a similar way to a waistcoat. Your arm holes should be high, and the garment should fit snugly around the body.

This is to ensure it can sit nicely underneath a winter jacket. It’s important to ensure the fit is comfortable and snug but with enough room to layer correctly.

Styling a ladies gilet

Like anything to do with fashion, it’s all down to personal preference. Its winter so your options are more restricted than summer. For that more formal gilet styling, try pairing with a classic round-neck jumper or turtleneck. Make sure it’s in a complementary tone over a crisp cotton shirt. Add a smart leather Chelsea Boot to complement your finish.

Go casual with your look

For something more down casual think leggings and hoodie. In recent years, younger women have embraced this look given the chic designs of gilets of today.

Pair colour block leggings with snug fitting hoodie. For fashion purposes try and keep you gilet logo free. Opt for navy, olives or black tones. They tend to pair easily with other items in your wardrobe. perfectly, taking a more fashion-forward adaptation of traditional country style.


Fashion tips to styling ladies gilets this winter: Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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