Fashion guide to matching colours in your outfits

Fashion guide to matching colours in your outfits

Fashion guide to matching colours in your outfits.

Here at we all love our black outfits. They are classy, versatile and looks good on everyone. However, there are times when you need to add a bit of colour in your life.

But how do you know which colours look good together? Keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our simple guide on matching colours in your outfits.

Primary Colours

You may have learned about your primary colours during an art class. In case you’ve forgotten though, there are red, yellow and blue. Every other colour comes from a combination of these colours.

They can work well for a monochrome look – meaning using one colour for your entire look. while it seems basic, when styled right, it can look chic and modern. However, if monochrome is not your thing, you can mix two or the three colours together.

Ladies Drapey Trench Coat

Ladies Drapey Trench Coat

Complementary Colours

Finding colours that pair well together is easier than you’d think. Simply, pick a colour on your colour wheel and pair it with the colour directly opposite. For some diversity, choose a colour that is secondary or tertiary. In other words, not a primary one. Some examples of complementary pairings are orange and blue or violet and turquoise.

Analogous Colours

We at Irish fashion news know it’s easier to find than complementary colours, analogous ones can be used to create a chic colour palette. Simply, choose your first colour and then, choose your next colour to the right or left of it. Colours that are similar to each other will help you create a harmonious look.

Accent Colour

By now, you should have good understanding of the colour wheel and how to work it. You know how to pair navy and yellow together to create a killer outfit. However, there are sometimes when situations require a more subtle look.

For example, you may look rocking bold and vibrant colours during the warm weather. However, your boss and work colleagues may not be a fan.

For times when you want to tone down a look, try using your accent colours. This just means adding a pop of colour to your outfit. Keep your ensemble neutral using a navy or black colour. Then, you can add a hint of colour in the right place.

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