6 fashion tips to styling your pencil skirt this winter

6 fashion tips to styling your pencil skirt this winter

6 fashion tips to styling your pencil skirt this winter.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you quick ways to style ladies pencil skirts this winter. Since the 1950’s, the pencil skirt has been at the forefront of stylish ladies fashion. The narrow fitting skirt was first introduced into the fashion scene by French designer Christian Dior in 1954.

Since then it has gone on to be a fashion classic for women who love to show off their slim figures. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we are going to show you simple ways to dress your pencil skirt during winter months.

We at Irish fashion news realise that wearing your pencil skirt during winter can be more trickier because of the lower temperatures outside. That said, let’s see how to max the look of the stunning pencil dress during winter.

Layer up with warm coat

By adding some layering to your fashion assemble can your look more stylish and interesting. Prints are good this season so let’s start with your leopard print pencil skirt.

Add a contrasting colour block blouse (pastel shades) Now complete the look with layering. Choose a three-quarter length neutral shade woollen coat (black or grey) Add kitten heels and good to go. The coat will keep you warm while your pencil skirt does the talking.

Select shoes to keep your feet warm

Believe it or not, when it comes to fashion, most women choose style over practicality. Fashion is supposed to be enjoyed and it’s about finding a balance when putting together any fashion assemble.

What’s the point of looking great and freezing yourself half to death with wrong clothing? This is where it’s time to get clever with your footwear when wearing your pencil skirt.

Depending on the pattern, opt for plain footwear. Blacks and browns are safe and go with most skirt shades. Try and avoid the likes of suede shoes or boots. They absorb dampness and make your fashion finish look uncool.

Accessorise to complete any great fashion look

Not that you need telling but accessories can make or break any outfit look. Also ensure that your choice of accessory contrasts with your fashion assemble.

Sunglasses should be suitable for the occasion. Handbags shouldn’t overtake or hind your fashion assemble. Jewellery should also balance and not over complicate your fashion finish.

Ladies Jersey Knee Length Pencil Skirt

Ladies Jersey Knee Length Pencil Skirt

The cable knit sweater and pencil skirt combo

We love this look as it combines style with warmth during the winter months. Take your cream/ white cable knit sweater. Add your houndstooth pattern pencil skirt.

Add clear tights and complete with black pair of open toe sandals. It’s simple and stunning. Compliment your fashion finish with burgundy brown wallet style handbag. Cute and chic.

Turtleneck sweater and tweed pencil skirt

This is your opportunity to brighten up your pencil skirt look during dull winter months. Take a bright turtleneck sweater in blush pink or honey yellow shade. Add your tweet mix pencil skirt. Now complete look with contrasting kitten heels and tote bag. It’s a simple yet oh so stylish finish. It also keeps your protected from the outdoor elements (nice and snug)

Blazer up for a more mix smart casual look

Winter is a time for keeping your skin under wraps. It’s too cold for most to start exposing flesh to the harsh outdoor winter temperatures.

So with this in mind, here’s a great way to combine smart with relaxed casual fashion. Take your colour block black pencil skirt. Add a colour fused blouse ( bright pastel shades) Now complete look with a white fitted blazer.  Complete look with white sneakers or ankle boots. It’s formal without being too smart. Great for casual gals on the run.


6 fashion tips to styling your pencil skirt this winter : Irish fashion news : Fashion.ie Ladies fashion Ireland 

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