Ways to upgrade your fashion wardrobe on a budget

Ways to upgrade your fashion wardrobe on a budget

Ways to upgrade your fashion wardrobe on a budget.

Here at Fashion.ie we know when we rely on our old faithfuls, we can usually get stuck in a rut. So, it’s time for a change. While many people can change up their wardrobes with a stylist and six-figure salary, many of us do not have that luxury.

Which means we need to rely on some money-saving tips while still maintaining our sense of style. But how do we do that? Keep on reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our tips on how to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.

Get Tough

A big part of saving money comes down to wisely investing in key pieces. Before you dive headfirst into buying something, take a step back and ask yourself some questions.

Do you really need this? Will this go with anything in my current wardrobe? Is there a good chance it look dated in a few months? If you are completely unsure on a piece, do not buy it. This doesn’t mean you should forget about it forever. Go away and see how you feel about it after a week.

Plan With Precision

Proper preparation prevent poor purchases. In other words, it’s time to take stock of your current wardrobe and see what you already own. Having a plan of action is essential to shopping effectively.

Regardless of your own personal style, do you have enough wardrobe basics? These are your t-shirts, dark denim, Oxford shirts, things like that. By filling in these gaps, you will have a lot more options when getting dressed in the morning. From there, you can make a list of things you might like to add. You can use sites like Pinterest or style guides to help you find out what looks good on you.

Shake Up Your Grooming Routine

Here at Irish fashion news, we know new clothes are not the only way to change your overall look. An updated hairstyle or grooming routine can dramatically transform how you look. Try going clean shaven for a week or grow your hair out. However, for a more subtle approach, you can start using hair styling products like gel or mousse.

Borg Collared Cord Trucker Jacket

Borg Collared Cord Trucker Jacket

Get To Know Reliable Brands

The financial risk that comes with changing your wardrobe can be countered by knowing your brands. Especially the reliable ones that won’t let you down.

If you have t-shirts or trousers that fit, chances are you can go back where you got them and buy another successful item. There are plenty of shops out there equipped with iconic brands so you can try new looks and styles without breaking the bank.


If you’ve already gotten the marks of a good basic wardrobe, congratulations. You’ve passed Menswear 101. However, why stop there? To stop your looks from getting stale, this is where your accessories come in handy. Jewellery is the obvious choice. Beyond your simple chains, switching your leather watch for a colourful strap will inject some fun into a basic look.


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