Fashion looks how to style Dr Martens this season

Fashion looks how to style Dr Martens this season

Fashion looks how to style Dr Martens this season.

Here at we know Dr.Martens have a reputation as being edgy footwear. And, while they can look edgy when styled right, they can be more versatile than you’d think.

They don’t just pair well with your black jeans, but they also work with dresses, shirts, tops and trousers. You just have to know how to style them. Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out how to wear your Dr.Martens with everything in your wardrobe.


When people think of Dr.Martens, they often think of grunge inspired looks. However, they are a lot more versatile than you’d think. When styled right, they can highlight the feminine pieces in your wardrobe.

A great way to achieve this is by rocking some white Dr.Martens. For a cute look, pair your boots with a pretty off-the-shoulder floral dress. The length of the dress can be up to you. Any dress will work with your Dr.Martens. You can wear warm colours to keep your outfit looking autumn inspired. And, for a touch of glamour, you can finish your look with a chunky gold necklace.

Black Dr Martens Boot

Black Dr Martens Boot


We could not write about Dr.Martens without taking some style inspo from grunge. As mentioned, many people associate this versatile shoe with grungy inspired outfits. And the best way to achieve a grunge inspired outfit is by wearing all black.

An all-black ensemble using ripped jeans is the perfect way to create an iconic grunge look. the platform from your Doc Martens will help your grunge outfit look right on trend.

For your top, choose a black body suit or an orange one for a touch of colour. And you can finish your entire look off with an oversized biker jacket and some chunky gold jewellery.


Here at Irish fashion news, if you want to incorporate your Dr.Martens into your casual wardrobe, this outfit is for you. A popular wardrobe piece for 2021 is your oversized jumper. It is chic, cosy and pairs surprisingly well with your boots.

So, why not wear them together? Keep the cosy vibes going with some black leggings. And you can always finish off your look with some classic gold hoops.


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