3 fashion tips to styling ladies joggers this winter

3 fashion tips to styling ladies joggers this winter

3 fashion tips to styling ladies joggers this winter.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you three great ways to style your joggers this winter. At Irish fashion news Ireland, we are aware winter is so nearly upon us and that cold chill is in the air. The shorts and tiny sports tops are packed away for another year. Now it’s time to evaluate essential daily fashion pieces for the months ahead.

Comfort is key

Cable knits and cosy sweaters are essentials but so are snug fit joggers. Leggings and joggers play a huge part in all women’s daily fashion lives. Their relaxed look and feel makes them essential daily fashion wear. The great thing about joggers is they can be fused with almost anything above the waistline.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you three great ways to style your joggers for the months ahead. Before we do that, lets explain what joggers are?

What are joggers

To most, jogger pants are traditionally designed of r sportswear. They are constructed using light weight material that is comfortable and has a sporty appearance. They started life as sweatpants but through the years evolved into joggers given various designs and materials.

Ways to chic up your joggers look

This look is fab when winter strikes and involves your faux suede or leather jacket. While still maintaining a relaxed look take your black biker faux leather jacket and add black joggers.

Nike Women's Fleece Joggers

Nike Women’s Fleece Joggers

Pair with cream sweater and black sneakers. Be inventive with your accessories and add a print style tote bag to complete. It’s a basic yet chicish fashion looks for gals on the go.

The super fashionable jogger approach

OK, for ladies loving the super casual styled relaxed fashion approach take note. Let’s take your oversized denim shirt. Add a pair of black joggers. Complete the look with black gilet and sunshades and sneakers. It’s a casual enough look to keep your appearance smart yet casual.

The camel coatigan effect

This look is simple to construct yet can have a stylish impact on the way you look. Take a camel shade coatigan and add to your black joggers. Opt for light grey or white sweater or tee (weather permitting)

Complete with funky converse type black and white sneakers. Oh don’t forget your black contrasting bobble hat. This is our favourite look. Perfect for smart casual fashion days on or off.


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