How to prevent your nail polish from cracking

How to prevent your nail polish from cracking

How to prevent your nail polish from cracking.

Here at, we recognise we all love manicures, don’t we? What we don’t love, however, is spending time and money on manicures that chip easily.

But fear not. There are some great ways to ensure your manicure stays salon quality for as long as possible. Read on here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out.

Go With A Waterless Manicure

Your nails are extremely porous and absorb water faster than your skin. this means that your water clogged hands will cause your nails to expand and shrink hours after you get your manicure.

As a result, your super cute nail polish will crack much sooner than you’d like. This is because your nail polish cannot shrink like your nails do so will crack and shift when your nails shrink back to normal.

Manis usually include water to soak your cuticles but, as mentioned, this expands your nail plate. Instead of getting a classic manicure, go waterless and attend to your cuticles afterwards.

Regularly push them back when in the shower and buff away any excess. You can use clippers to get rid of anything hanging but nothing more!

Buff Your Nail Plate Before Your Polish

An uneven nail surface will lead to cracks easier than a smooth one. To avoid this, use a nail puffer before going in with your favourite nail polish. Afterwards, prep your nails with some nail polish remover.


Vegan Nail Polish

Vegan Nail Polish

This will ensure you do not have any old nail polish or oil on your nails. As a result, your nail polish will stick to your nails with ease.

Avoid Excess Water

We have already mentioned the effects water has on your nails. So, to give your nails a break, in a good way, they need protection. If you ever needed an excuse not to do any house chores, this is it. get someone else to do the cleaning, washing the dog or dishes.

Even washing your hair too much can dry out your nails. Your nails and hair will glow, we promise. However, we know how life is. Which means that, at some point, you will have to get your hands wet. If that’s the case, simply wear some gloves to keep your nails safe.

Use Your Base And Topcoat

While this can take some extra time, we promise that it is worth it. applying your base and topcoat will help prevent chips or cracking. Your basecoat will give your nail polish something to stick to. And your topcoat will seal everything in.

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