Fashion tips to wearing leather skirts this winter

Fashion tips to wearing leather skirts this winter

Fashion tips to wearing leather skirts this winter.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to style leather skirts this winter. At Irish fashion news, we know winter is a fab time of year to show off various fashion looks. This includes the fabulous leather skirt look that can be worked in so many different ways

The versatility of the leather skirt as a great winter wardrobe staple ensures it maintains a luxe finish. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we are going to show you how the leather skirt can be styled in so many different ways during winter.

The leather skirt + chunk sweater look

It’s winter so style and comfort are key to any great fashion finish. The likes of chunky cable knit sweaters are built for winter fashion. One of the most simple ways to construct any of these looks is choosing the right skirt.

Tights are always going to be important and they can hide the colour definition of your legs. Opt for classic grey, burgundy or olive cable knit sweater. Noe add your faux leather skirt that lands just above your knee line. To complete pair with black tights and classic ankle boots. This is a mid-range fashion finish (smart casual).

Ladies Olive Faux Leather Skirt

Ladies Olive Faux Leather Skirt

Le Femme finish

The likes of crème coloured sweaters along with hues of rose gold are good pretty winter choices Now add pastel type mid-length vegan type leather mini skirt (pink pr light creams) Complete this girlie look with pair of hooped earrings. Ten ankle boots make for a beautiful and feminine evening leather skirt night finish.

Earthly tones are always class

Check out the likes of olive green shade leather skirts that fuse perfectly with most skin tones. These hues are always perfect for winter fashion. Even go reverse and add an olive sweater to short tan leather skirt. Add brown suede ankle boots and matching suede jacket. It’s a subtle yet effective winter fashion look.

Go classic leather skirt look

Black faux leather is a simply fab and works with almost any matching colour. Whether you are planning a date night or time out with friends, you won’t go wrong with this shade.

Add a white blouse to your mid length leather skirt. Add a classic black biker jacket, clear skin tights and boots and enjoy your night! If you are looking to make a great fashion impression then you are on the right track. A black denim jacket will work if you want to put a more casual spin on your look.

Move up a gear to neutrality

For those of you looking to combine sexy with a professional look then this is for you. Take your classic brown leather skirt and fuse this with a smart long sleeve knit style top. Apply light creamy brown knee hight ladies boots to complete. To accessorise add your big gold earrings and centre piece necklaces.

Cream and pink look

For those of you who like to bring body suits to the mix then take heed. Add a creamy low cut bodysuit to your deep green faux leather skirt.

Add cream clear tights and short cut cream leather jacket. Complete this great look with animal print boots. Another way to finish this look is with white sneakers and coatigan. It’s more casual but heah, it looks fab.

The all black look

No this does not mean dressing up like the New Zealand rugby team. Instead it means going head to toe in classic black fashion. Add you midi length faux leather skirt. Add a fitted black blouse or even bodysuit.

Throw on your tights and classic ankle boots. Now add you plain blazer leather jacket. If all black is too much, switch out your footwear to print boot finish. Oh so chic.


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