Fashion tips how to mix and match your neutral pieces

Fashion tips how to mix and match your neutral pieces

Fashion tips how to mix and match your neutral pieces.

Here at, we ask the question, do you have a wardrobe that is full of neutral tones and basic pieces? Why not try mixing them together to create a fashion-forward and stylish outfit?

While it is considered a fashion faux pas to mix certain colours together, we say that this way of thinking is outdated. It’s perfectly fine to wear whatever colours you want and you can look super stylish. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out how to mix your neutral pieces.

Embrace Wearing Black With Brown

We all know that there are certain fashion rules that many feel you should follow. Well, wearing black and brown together is often seen as a fashion faux pas. However, we all know that this fashion rule is outdated.

When styled right, black and brown can be a sophisticated colour combo. For a cute, everyday look, why not pair your classic black skinny jeans with a light brown jumper.

A brown teddy coat can add a touch of softness to your outfit. As well as that, it is also the perfect for when the weather gets a little chilly. A pair of black boots will bring your look together and is always a good thing to have in your wardrobe.

Three Quarter Sleeve Ladies Coatigan

Three Quarter Sleeve Ladies Coatigan

Be On Trend With Camel And Grey

If you are someone who loves trends, you need to start mixing camel and grey together. They are the perfect colours for autumn and create an understated, yet refined look.

At Irish fashion news, we know camel coats are always a big trend for the autumn months and add some class to a basic outfit. A light grey jumper will keep the cold out.

And your beige trainers are ideal for when you do not want to wear a pair of boots. While you may feel like they are a bit too casual for your camel coat, they are perfect for adding some balance.

Be Bold With Grey, Black and Navy

When you have mastered the art of combining two neutrals together, why not go for three? While it can work for a number of different colours, we are going to stick with grey, black and navy.

Although it may seem unusual to pair black and navy together, they flow nicely and will look more cohesive than you realise.

Start off with some basic black trousers. These could be work trousers or something like your skinny jeans. Then, you can add a grey jumper for some contrast and finish your look with a navy coat for a chic touch. To take your outfit one step further, add in a black tote bag and black boots.

Fashion tips how to mix and match your neutral pieces : : Irish fashion news: Ladies fashion Ireland

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