3 fashion tips to wearing dresses during winter

3 fashion tips to wearing dresses during winter

3 fashion tips to wearing dresses during winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we will show you 3 great ways to wear dresses this winter For most teens dresses account for 30% of your basic wardrobe today.

This will increase as you get older. However for those of you who like the dress effect, here’s 3 quick ways to style them this season. At Teenage fashion Ireland we will show you how to wear your dresses in comfort and style by following basic fashion rules.

Layer up girl

For most young fashionistas, the thought of layering is something your mom talks about. However, as you will find it is the best way to style a dress.

This doesn’t mean adding a thermal vest under your dress. It’s about having some fun with your style. For example, whether you are wearing a short or midi dress, add a chunky jumper on over the top.

Turtleneck jumpers look great under basically any dress, whatever the neckline. Try playing with my colour palette more in winter. Simply add a little brightness to the day. Example is if wearing a pink dress, add a red roll neck underneath. Cute and chic.

Tighten up for comfort

OK tights are not for everyone right? However, I they are great for wearing under your dress during winter. They don’t have to be chucky boring ones either. Opt for opaque ones. A 10 denier pair look really stylish with a shorter dress.

Black lace ruched front slip midi dress

Black lace ruched front slip midi dress

The one thing you need to avoid is to be constantly adjusting your tights. Try choosing one’s with a shaping panel around the hips and waist. This makes them tighter as well as less likely to fall down or need adjusting. Last tip here is buy a slinky slip. This will avoid your dress sticking to your tights.

The knee high boots and midi hemline fusion

For those of you gals you look sophistication and style mixed then this is for you. Pair your leather knee-high boots under a midi dress. It is a perfect styling trick.

This look is not only chic but it avoids having to wear tights. This is why it is always important to invest in a quality and stylish pair of knee high boots. They last forever.

One other thing to remember for you tall gals, never underestimate the power of a great oversized coat. When it comes to perfect winter knee lines, this is the best.

Opt for classic brown or black and style with tonal shades of the same colour. Being more adventurous, opt for a bright colour and mix your shades.


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