Fashion tips to wearing mini length dresses during winter

Fashion tips to wearing mini length dresses during winter

Fashion tips to wearing mini length dresses during winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to take a quick look at how to style mini length skirts and dresses. One may think that when temperature dip, the length of skirts gets longer right”

Well actually for most stylish women the opposite happens. Why may ask? Well it’s a combination of tights, stockings and extra length clothing.

Show off those legs

What better way this winter to show off beautiful shape of your legs without revealing their real colour and texture? By including tights or stocking, and without risking the display of cellulite you can go shorter dress wear this winter.

Tights have that sharpening effect. Even if you are not happy with the contour of your legs, you can give them another chance to look great in a mini and tights combo.

The likes of opaque tights are a great choice if you are insecure or don’t want to be tacky. BTW, we would like to mention that tights are not colder than (many style of trousers. Some women like them because they are warmer can actually stick to your skin.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look at a few ways to wear the mini whilst remaining chic, classy and stylish during winter.

Choose a longer coat on top

This is great styling as it allows you to control the air flow to your body. Mini dress coat and dresses with long coats actually makes your skit look shorter.

Ellencio Georgette Ruffle Dress

Ellencio Georgette Ruffle Dress

When you close your coat, do it so it looks slightly longer that your skirt. If you think your look seems a bit too sexy don’t worry. Remember that coats always look less provocative than just a mini anyway.

Opt for wider shapes

Now think about this. This doesn’t mean you can do not tight shapes. It allows for wide shapes that help to make a mini based outfit. This also appear a little less sexy plus more effortless.

Oversized sweaters combination.

This winter, the turtleneck sweater is a must. Now think pairing an oversize turtleneck cable knit sweater and a classic straight marin coat.

This helps to smokescreen the upper body while giving a cool style finish. Add your checked mini skirt and kitten heels and boom. Oh opt for the most opaque tights available.

Go flat footwear

Since your mini skirt is already going to lengthen the look of your leg, this gives you options. You can wear all kind of flat shoes without portraying that short leg look.

One can even apply the flat low boots affect that go high on the calves. The likes of flat knee high boots are another great fashion option. Don’t forget the winter favourite, the knee high boots. They look simply fab when worn with any mini length skirt or dress during winter.


Fashion tips to wearing mini length dresses during winter : Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland

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