Fashion guide to styling men’s shoes

Fashion guide to styling men’s shoes

Fashion guide to styling men’s shoes.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you quick ways to style men’s shoes. Yes, it is true that a guy’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up. So, this being the case, shades are the first colours someone’s judges you by.

Choosing the right shade of footwear to balance your fashion assemble isn’t that hard if you knowhow. Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to show you quick ways to style your whistle and blues this season.


Yes, it is easy to stick to tonal combinations black shoes with black trousers, brown shoes with tan chinos. This is safe right, and you will never put a foot wrong.

However, this route can quickly lead to sartorial tedium as well as financial ruin.
Unless your intention is to only ever wear a couple of colours of trousers, you are going to need a rainbow of footwear to give you enough options.

Quick tips
  • The likes of block colours are always smarter than anything multi-coloured.
  • Darker shades are smarter than lighter. They’re more versatile, too.
  • Smartness is dictated by decoration as well as shades. Black Derbies are smarter than tan. However, chocolate Oxfords can be more refined than both.
  • Men’s trainers and smart shoes obey different rules. White Oxfords are slightly weird. White trainers will work with anything in your wardrobe.
  • It doesn’t matter what colour your shoes are if they’re scuffed. Find a polish that matches, or a neutral polish if you’ve gone for something wilder, and keep them in good nick. They’ll last longer, too.
  • If you’re wearing something bright on your feet, then anchor them with neutrals elsewhere. Bold shoes are easier to pull off if you’re not also wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
Black shoe options

Black shoes are probably the safest and smartest option when it comes to smart casual footwear. Black shoes should always be your go-to choice of footwear colour for black tailoring. Whether you need something for that important black tie event or just a formal work shoe.

When it comes to casual trousers this can be trickier. If you decide to pair black shoes with chinos in the brown spectrum, then opt for less formal styles.

KG BY KURT GEIGER Preston Chelsea Boot

Preston Chelsea Boot

A black derby looks better than an Oxford as it’s a bit chunkier and more relaxed. This also applies when styling black footwear with jeans. Oxfords only really work with slim fit black jeans. If you insist on black shoes with your dark denim, choose a Chelsea boots or Dr. Martens.

Brown is class

Brown shaded shoes are the most forgiving shade of smart shoes. The amount of various shaded of browns means that there’s a tone for almost any situation.

The lighter the shade of brown, the more relaxed the look. A pair of brown brogues can be less formal than the same shade Oxfords,
Other than tailoring, brown shades are your go to shades for chinos of any colour.

However, be careful not to match too closely. Much like double denim you need at least two shades of difference to separate between your trousers and your shoes tone.

The likes of darker browns look great with indigo denim. This can also work just as well with more washed out shades. Wearing black jeans and brown shoes can be a minefield of differing opinion.

Try and avoid if possible. However, if you’re confident, then it’s a look that can work, opt for shoes that are nearer black than tan. The likes of Chelsea boots are easier to pull off.

Tan it up

This is a more casual tone and best styled in brogue derbies or boots. Tan suede shoes can also look great when styled with more informal outfits

For a more formal look, tan is a good way to personalise an outfit. If presenting a tailored look, opt for tan loafer or brogue.
This is a good anchor for brighter shades of blue or to take the stuffiness out of patterns like pinstripes.

The like of chinos, tans and jeans work well together in brighter months. You can even chance wearing tan loafers or brogues shoes with shorts during the summer.


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