Kitten heels make the perfect fashion choice for autumn

Kitten heels make the perfect fashion choice for autumn

Kitten heels make the perfect fashion choice for autumn.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to take a quick look at kitten heel fashion. For a while there, the kitten heel suffered a bad reputation in the fashion neighbourhood.

However, in the past year the kitten heel has made a resurgence in popularity. This is all down to how comfortable, versatile and easy-to-wear they really are. Stay with us here at Ladies fashion Ireland as we take a look at the great kitten heels.

What are kitten heels?

The beautiful kitten heel have a short and slender tapered heels, usually between 1.5 and 2 inches tall. They came into fashion in 1950’s when fashion started to take off after the second world war.

They get their name the style was considered a training heel for “kittens” – young teenage girls who weren’t yet used to walking in high shoes.

Come the 1960’s Kittens were extremely popular had become fashionable for older teenagers, and eventually they started to be worn by women of all ages.

Twiggy made them popular 

Today, kittens come in a large choice of styles, These include the stylish slingback as well as the beautiful mule, court and winter boot designs. The great thing about kitten heels is their versatility as you will have no problem finding a kitten heel to suit your personal style.

Kitten heels make the perfect fashion choice for autumn

Kitten heels make the perfect fashion choice for autumn

Their short heel design makes them a practical yet comfortable option for all-day wear.  The versatility of this design means you can wear them from day to night, especially during autumn.

How to wear kitten heels during autumn

For the past couple of autumns, kitten heel ankle boots have been the “in thing” on international fashion catwalks. This has then spilled over to high street fashion wear 365.

Your kittens can be worn with jeans, wide-legged trousers or even with tights and a dress or skirt. A classic black suede ankle boot with a kitten heel can complement a variety of outfits by adding a touch of subtle sophistication.

Try pairing them with an chic all-black outfit number or simply wear them with ladies blue jeans and a jumper. This is a great autumn day fashion look.

Kitten heels work wear

If you normally choose flat shoes for work and feel like you’d like to switch from your usual loafers or pumps, then a kitten heel is the perfect alternative

Their low heel design means they provide comfort making them enjoyable to wear both day and night. The classic court-style kitten heel is the most appropriate for an office environment setting.

This style provides more coverage than a mule or slingback. Go for a black leather or suede pair if your workplace dress code is on the more formal side. However, a more bolder fuchsia or snake print pair can make your fashion look stand out more.


Kitten heels make the perfect fashion choice for autumn : Irish fashion : Ladies fashion Ireland

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