Stay in fashion with white sneakers this autumn

Stay in fashion with white sneakers this autumn

Stay in fashion with white sneakers this autumn.

In Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways to style white sneakers this autumn. For lots of people, white fashion is a no no once summer is over right? Well it doesn’t have to be not should it be. White’s brighten up even the dullest of months and that’s a fashion fact.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look at some real simple ways to style white sneakers for the season ahead. White trainers can be ridiculously beautiful and enhance any looks. This can range from casual sportswear for a night out with friends. Let’s take a look at a few ways to style white sneakers this autumn.

Coffee meeting with friends

You’re meeting a friend for coffee and it’s cold out, so you bundle up in your scarf and slip on your comfortable white sneakers. They are easy and versatile fashion accessories. They also have the added bonus of making you look effortlessly well-dressed.

During autumn months, brighter-coloured denim fuses with your white sneakers more easily. However, a print dress with bright colour block cable knit also works well. It can blend seamlessly with your outfit.

Night out with the girls

OK, this gives you more options than any other white sneaker fashion look. A pair of white sneakers pairs easily with fitted jeans. Add a blouse and light faux suede jacket and boom.

Stay in fashion with white sneakers this autumn

Stay in fashion with white sneakers this autumn

However, for something a little more dress me up, black leggings worn over a knee length dress does the trick. Opt for a pattern dress (some floral) Add dark leggings and white sneakers. Finish by adding a trench or overcoat to complete look. It’s kinda semi formal without going all out!

Get Sporty

Like coffee morning fashion, this is another anything goes fashion within reason. The great thing about white sneakers is they pair with anything. Where you opt for the hoodie and leggings approach, they are good. The only real thing to consider when wearing white sneakers is above the ankle fashion.

During autumn, try and keep your choice of tops bright and warm. This can reflect and lighten your mood. Bright pastel shades are fabulous during the darker months.

White sneaker rules
  • Also make sure that you look after your white sneakers and maintain them properly. Nobody likes shabby and overworn white fashion goods.
  • Always make sure your white sneakers are clean, This also includes the laces. Ensure you clean them regularly. Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person based on the cleanliness of their footwear.
  • Know when to wear them. OK white sneakers in recent years have moved up a gear and accepted as casual to smart fashion. However, avoid wearing them to job interviews or funerals. There is a time and place for everything.


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