4 fashion tips how to style an oversized denim jacket

4 fashion tips how to style an oversized denim jacket

4 fashion tips how to style an oversized denim jacket.

Here at Irish fashion news, we all know that we need jackets in our wardrobes. They provide us with much needed warmth on chilly days, they can be the finishing touch to any outfit and look good on everyone.

Especially your oversized denim jacket. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that oversized clothes are back in style.

They have been dominating our socials and are loved by our favourite celebs and fashion influencers. Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out why and how to style yours.

Over A Dress

Yes, okay. We all know this variation. We’ve probably at one point or another worn an oversized denim jacket over a cute dress. But it is such an iconic and versatile outfit that I had to put it on the list.

Although mainly considered a summer outfit, you can bring your mini dress into your autumn wardrobe using some simple style tricks. To keep your legs warm, embrace tights and boots.

A long sleeve top worn underneath your dress will help keep cold weather out and can look super stylish. Top it off using your oversized denim jacket and you’re all set.

Oversized denim jackets in Ireland

Oversized denim jackets in Ireland

Denim With Denim

When we think of denim, we may conjure up unwanted images of Britney and Justin. However, when styled right, denim on denim can look fresh and modern.

You can rock your oversized denim jacket with black jeans and a classic tee. For something warmer, swap out your tee with your favourite jumper.

Crop It

Sometimes, too many oversized clothes can overwhelm our figure. So, it’s important to play around with different silhouettes and textures when rocking your oversized jacket.

This is where your crop top comes in. Finish your outfit off with some funky stripe trousers and classic white trainers. Or, if the weather is warm, show off your legs by swapping your trousers with shorts.

Add Some Edge

When you want to add some edge to any look, leather leggings is your best friend. It is the perfect piece to balance out your oversized denim jacket. To finish your rock vibes, pair your jacket and leggings with your favourite band tee and Vans.


4 fashion tips how to style an oversized denim jacket. Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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