Fashion tips to styling different shades of blue this winter

Fashion tips to styling different shades of blue this winter

Fashion tips to styling different shades of blue this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to look at quick ways to style blue this winter. Incorporating blue into your winter wardrobe in diverse shades is easy. This can range from arctic to indigo shades thus ensuring your colour palette has a endless resource 365 of the year.

You are going to need to harness all the versatility of this great colour to be Winter wardrobe ready right? Here at Teenage fashion Ireland are 5 shades of blue to wear this winter. All are ideal for those of you looking to synergise the seasons with their style.

Reliable navy.

The ever reliable navy blue is one of the easiest colours to wear during winter months. It is now so omnipresent, it’s now practically a neutral tone.

You can wear navy blue in just about any setting, too. Of course, the only current setting is the home. Solid navy pieces are right for large outerwear pieces like winter coats and jackets.

Pair these with more brightly patterned statement pieces for dresses or jumpsuits. A shining white tee or polo paired with a navy jacket, shirt, or cardigan can harnesses the power of contrast skilfully.

It’s time for Millennial blue.

Think millennial blue, think pastel, powder blue that might be traditionally assigned to the Spring season. However, because this shade of blue has become so popular in recent times, it’s great for winter.

It’s powdery blue tone makes it the perfect mix of muted and icy to work in your Winter wardrobe. It can feel somewhat symbolic, heralding the clear, crisp skies which define the season’s transition into Spring.

When you think of millennial blue, think of materials, such as cashmere sweaters and loose-fitting satin shirts. This shade is fuses well with neutral tones. Don a white top, some dark jeans, and a pair of nude heels. It’s tasty with a touch of class.

The classic blue look.

The classic shade of blue is a straight and true blue. It transcends a sense of trustworthiness in the wearer. While its easy on the eyes, it isn’t too vibrant making it easy to incorporate into your Winter wardrobe.

To give it a deeper look, think about wearing it under darker layers. Or even wear with other dark pieces. Look for that classic blue top and add a black jacket or cardigan over it. You can even go head to toe in classic blue. Simply pair it with chunky dark accessories.

If you’re ready to buck tradition, brighten things up by pairing classic blue with a contrasting orange-yellow. The colours will boost each other’s vibrancy without clashing.

Ahh Cobalt blue.

Real fashionistas see cobalt blue a deeper gem tone blue. Unlike it’s sister cerulean, it doesn’t have any green tint. It’s middle and bright, while eye-catching making it suited to a sunny winter morning fashion shade. The good news about Cobalt is a trending fashion shade this winter.

It is a perfect choice for dresses and oversized coats in this shade. It instantly takes any outfit from “average” to “all eyes on you.” In an instant.

If you are not quite ready to make to full on leap into cobalt just yet don’t worry. Cobalt blue it’s also a fun colour for accessories. This can include a nice bag, jewellery, shoes, or even socks.. a little bit of cobalt fashion can really can go a long way.


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