How to fashion dress for job interview success

How to fashion dress for job interview success

How to fashion dress for job interview success.

Here at Irish fashion news, your appearance will make or break you in a hiring manager’s mind. First impressions are formed in about 5 seconds. Even if you say all the right things, your appearance can put someone off from giving you the job.

So, how do you go about putting together an outfit that will definitely get you hired? Keep reading here at Teenage fashion news for our tips on how to dress for job interviews success.

Do Your Research

This is the first step in figuring out what to wear for your interview. Try to find out what industry the company is a part of. Talk to past and current employees.

If you are interviewing for a fashion industry, get to know the style of the company and keep up with the latest trends. If it’s a designer, get to know their products and what they represent. All of this research will help you decide what to wear to your interview.

If a dress code is not specified, it’s best to assume that they are looking for business attire. Remember, it is always better to be overdressed than under.

Stick to wardrobe basics. Clean, professional pieces such as blazers, trousers and pencil skirts will keep you looking fresh and ready to tackle any questions. You cannot go wrong with a pair of pumps but stick to a heel height that works for you. It is always better to walk in flats that suffer in heels.

Simple Outfit Ideas

What you wear to an interview will help you showcase your personality and let the interviewer know if you are the right fit. No matter what field you are going into, try to have at least one professional outfit in your wardrobe.

How to fashion dress for job interview success

How to fashion dress for job interview success

Law look

If you are going for a job in an industry like accounting or law, wearing formal attire will help you look the part. With that in mind, you cannot go wrong with a suit. Matching blazer and trousers show you mean business.

If you are unsure of any job interview, a suit will be your saviour and is always a good choice. Some may feel it is boring and basic, but it works every time.

Business image

Long gone are the days when you had to wear a grey pantsuit to the office. Nowadays, places are more casual so don’t be afraid of mixing light and dark colours. It is the perfect way to create a professional yet fashionable look.

Education style

Much like business, the education industry has become a more casual place. As it is a people orientated place, don’t be afraid of showing your personality. A colourful shirt is ideal, particularly in lilac or another pastel shade.

Government job interview

A lot of people suffer scrutiny over what they wear in the workplace, and even more so in public office. However, you shouldn’t let this derail you from wearing whatever you are comfortable with. You will want to exude authority and charisma. So, with that being said, tan colours with some blush will do just the trick.

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