Essential men's fashion layering pieces to own

Essential men’s fashion layering pieces to own

Essential men’s fashion layering pieces to own.

Here at Irish fashion news, most men fall into two groups. Those who love fashion and keep up with all the latest trends. And those that don’t. But with so many trends and key pieces to follow and keep up with, how do you even begin? With baby steps, of course.

With the weather getting colder, here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we’ve put together some of the best layering pieces to have in your wardrobe.


Horrible name, great piece to own. The shacket is part way between a shirt and a jacket (hence the name). To keep out the winter chill, choose one that is made from heavier material than your standard Oxford shirt.

Your shacket will be something of a silver bullet when it comes to cold weather. Particularly a wool version. It is warm enough to be worn on its own but can still fit underneath your jacket if you need extra protection.

Essential men's fashion layering pieces to own

Essential men’s fashion layering pieces to own

Unstructured Blazer

When it comes to packing on layers, an unstructured blazer will become the most celebrated item in your wardrobe. This is due to its lack of rigid structure, meaning you are left with ample room for your t-shirts and sweatshirts without looking like an overstuffed sausage.

Unstructured blazers are generally cut looser to the body, giving them a more casual feel. Black or grey are always solid colours but don’t be afraid of mixing things up. blazers in green are on trend for this season.


Even if you are not a lover of cardigans, there is no need to banish them from your wardrobes forever. The design of a cardigan can be a layering godsend. While you can go for a chunky knit version, choose a light fabric when it comes to layering.

Particularly if you get one made from Merino wool. As an active fibre, it will react to your body temperature. This means it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. But your knit should be light enough to wear over t-shirts or layer under your coats without you overheating.

Gilet fashion

When something is sleeveless, many people feel it can be no good for layering. Despite that, the humble gilet has become a mainstay in men’s autumn and winter wardrobes.

However, fit and weight are two crucial components when it comes to the perfect gilet. If you go too chunky, you risk looking like the Michelin Man. Too tight and you will not be able to fit anything underneath.

As well as the right fit, you will want your gilet to add some flair to your look. so, don’t be afraid of colour or playing around with different textures.

Essential men’s fashion layering pieces to own : Irish fashion news : Men’s fashion Ireland

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