Mixing textures can bring your basic fashion wardrobe to life

Mixing textures can bring your basic fashion wardrobe to life

Mixing textures can bring your basic fashion wardrobe to life.

Here at Irish fashion news, sometimes, wearing the same thing can be a bit boring. Textures can be a great way to jazz up a basic wardrobe. Whether it’s knitwear, leather, silk or even denim, it’s time to have some fun with fashion again.

Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out how to mix textures to bring your basic wardrobe to life.


This is the perfect fabric for adding something extra to your wardrobe. The most popular colour is black or light brown. However, since corduroy has seen a boost in popularity in recent years, there is a range of colours out there.

if you are a lover of indie fashion, you need to have some corduroy in your wardrobe. Or, if corduroy clothing is not your thing, try accessories like a bag or backpack.


We all have denim in our wardrobes. However, the key to adding texture using denim is to go beyond your jeans. Denim vests, jackets, hats and bags are all unexpected ways to make your outfit unique.

And thanks to lockdown, we have all gotten used to DIY. So, why not bring that into your denim pieces? Get a cheap one from a second-hand shop and decorate the back with some fabric paint.


Lace is an ultra-feminine fabric. Its intricate design looks sophisticated and sweet. Commonly associated with lingerie, it can also have a very alluring vibe. Using lace as part of your everyday outfit is a good way to soften your outfit. Or, depending on how you style it, it can look sexy and edgy.


If you would rather keep your lace for your underwear, silk is another option for adding texture. It’s a sleek and shiny material and makes an excellent choice for formal attire.

On today’s market, dresses, shirts and cami tops are the way to go. For big occasions like weddings, why not wear a colourful silk dress for an elegant appearance. If date night is coming up, a silk cami top and your best pair of jeans is the way to go.

Cable Knit

Summer is over and that means colder weather is upon us. But the good news is that it’s also time for cable knits. It’s a super fun texture that screams comfort and warmth. If you are looking for a versatile knit that will keep you cosy and fashionable, make sure it’s a cable one.

Mixing textures can bring your basic fashion wardrobe to life : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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