4 ways to help you take risks with your fashion

4 ways to help you take risks with your fashion

4 ways to help you take risks with your fashion. 

Here at Irish fashion news, while we all love our basic wardrobe pieces, it can be easy to get stuck in a style rut. Especially if you are used to wearing the same clothes all the time.

But how do you step out of your comfort zone and take more risks with your fashion? Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our for our top 4 tips.

Start With Accessories

Sometimes, when you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, it is okay to take baby steps. And a good place to start is with your accessories.

Accessories are much easier to blend into your existing wardrobe than buying new clothes. You can try out go-go boots or one of this year’s biggest trends: lime.

While your cat-eye sunglasses will not make you look like Gigi Hadid, they are a start to you being more fearless with your fashion.

Pick One Trend

With the endless list of new trends emerging every year, it can be overwhelming. And easy to want to try everything at once. But this can be expensive and time consuming. Not to mention, it will leave you with little space in your wardrobe.

Fashion risks are often tied to trends that have not gone mainstream, so look at fashion shows and choose a trend you like.

Buy From Second-Hand Shops

When it comes to looking differently, you have to shop differently. To find unique pieces that will make you stand out, why not hit the second-hand and vintage shops.

Not only will you find pieces that will make you look good, you will be doing your bit for the environment. While you may have to wade through a bit of dirt to find some gold, it will be worth it.

Try Some DIY Or Upcycling

Lockdown has made some of us turn to DIY. Whether this was due to not being able to go to the shops or boredom, many people are now making their own clothing.

Or recycling old pieces and turning them into something new. Does it always look like a masterpiece? If you have the same skills as I have, probably not. But the goal is personality and not perfection.

Taking risks does not mean you have to look like Kim K all the time. sometimes, it’s about embracing all the things you’ve ever wanted to wear. And if you cannot find them, make them.

4 ways to help you take risks with your fashion : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland 

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