Everything guys need to know about denim fashion

Everything guys need to know about denim fashion

Everything guys need to know about denim fashion.

In Irish fashion news, denim can be sometimes painful and completely daunting to a beginner. It is probably something that you have heard about but are clueless as to what it is. And it’s no wonder.

Regular jeans do not come with a manual on how to choose the right pair for you. But regular jeans are just that. Regular. And there is nothing regular about raw denim. Want to know more? keep on reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out everything you need to know about raw denim.

What Is Raw Denim?

When you buy a new pair of jeans, chances are they have gone through more cosmetic procedures than a Hollywood A-lister. They are dyed, washed, stretched, shrunk, whereas raw denim has gone through none of that. Except the dyeing process. It is just taken straight from the loom and sewn into a jacket or pair of jeans.

So, why is it more expensive than your average pair of jeans? Well, raw denim jeans are usually made in small batches, by experienced people and in high-labour cost countries.

As well as that, they are able to withstand a battering and are made using premium materials. All this means that they will last longer than your average pair of jeans.

What Are The Benefits?

As well as being made from premium materials, the true benefit of raw denim lies in its fit and the way it fades. When you first buy them, raw denim jeans are stiff, uncomfortable and unforgiving.

However, they soon mould to your body shape and loosen up. This is where you see the magic of these jeans. When they loosen up, they develop fade patterns that are unique to the wearer.

Raw Denim Vs Selvedge

As mentioned above, raw denim has not gone through any sort of washing or distressing processes. This leaves it stiff and full of blue dye.

On the other hand, selvedge refers to close gaps on denim that have been spun on a shuttle loom. This is present as a white strip and is visible when the jeans are cuffed.

The results are a clean look that doesn’t unravel. It is more expensive to produce and is seen as a top-quality denim product.

Sanforised Vs Unsanforised

As mentioned, raw denim in its truest form comes straight from the loom. However, the process of sanforisation has become popular in recent year.

Sanforised denim has gone through the process of being steamed and stretched to eliminate most shrinkage before being sewn into jeans. Unsanforised is loom state and will reduce in size about 10%.

To prevent this, you need to soak your jeans. You can do this by submerging your jeans in a bathtub for about 30 minutes. If you are feeling extra crazy, you can wear your jeans while in the tub, ensuring your jeans fit perfectly.

Once that’s finished, you then hang your jeans out to dry by using their belt hoops. This will make sure they don’t lose their shape.

The general rule of thumb when buying raw denim is to go up for unsanforised and go down for sanforised. This will help you accommodate shrinkage but you should still wear your jeans a couple of times so that they mould to your body shape.

Everything guys need to know about denim fashion : Irish fashion news : Men’s fashion Ireland

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