Ways to style ladies corduroy fashion this autumn

Ways to style ladies corduroy fashion this autumn

Ways to style ladies corduroy fashion this autumn.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to look at easy ways to style corduroy fashion this autumn. Since the revival of 1970’s fashion looks 10 years ago corduroy has again become a popular fashion choice. While corduroy has that throwback look, it can also be styled in modern day looks with fantastic results.

The flared affect

Today platform shoes and the flared jeans look are common wardrobe staples, right? As we approach winter, we still have to navigate autumn fashion first.

What’s great fashion fabric for the seasons ahead, corduroy or course. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you easy ways to style corduroy this season.

Given the wonderful choice of colours that corduroy comes in, you can easily make an assemble that suits your style and look.
There are plenty of examples of corduroy styling that can inform the way you incorporate it into your wardrobe this fall and winter.

Wide-leg corduroy trousers

Let’s kick off with wide-leg corduroy trousers. For the top half of the waist, layer a white turtleneck underneath a plaid button-down. Then comes the footwear. Add a pair of heeled ankle boots to complete look.

Puffer Jacket look

One great smart casual corduroy look is mixing different fabric textures, like corduroy trousers or pants with a flannel or velvet puffer.

Add some colour to the mix

Given that corduroy fashion of today comes in pretty much every colour, have some fun with it. This is a great opportunity for unexpected colour-blocking. Add the likes of mustard yellow with teal blue to the party. It’s vibrant and will get you noticed.

Smart outerwear

If you are looking to add some sophistication to your fashion mix this autumn think outwear. Add a bold corduroy blazer with neutral shade pants and matching bag.

Oversize your corduroy look

A relaxed pair of corduroy dungarees worn over a colour block oversized sweater gives definition without taking away any of the comfort or ease.

Suit corduroy

Flash your fashion sense back to the 70’s with that corduroy suit vibe. To give it that modern look, fuse bright, colourful organza button-down and chunky sneakers.


Ways to style ladies corduroy fashion this autumn : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland 

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