Men's fashion advice to styling clothes for your skin tone

Men’s fashion advice to styling clothes for your skin tone

Men’s fashion advice to styling clothes for your skin tone.

Here at Irish fashion news, while it can be fun to step outside your comfort zone, choosing shades that work with your skin tone can be difficult.

And with so many colours to choose from, its no wonder so many of us are scratching our heads. But fear not. We at Men’s fashion Ireland have rounded up the best tips to help you choose the right colour for your skin tone.

Pale/Fair Skin Tones

If you find yourself finding somewhere to shade from the summer sun, chances are you have fair skin. If you have a milky pallor as well as light features, colours that contrast your skin tone will literally bring some colour to your complexion.

It can be a good idea to base your outfit around dark colours which you can then combine with lighter tones. Dark colours like brown, grey, navy, burgundy or bottle green can work well with your skin tone.

Given that in the wrong light, you could be mistaken for a cadaver, try to avoid pastels or bright colours as these could wash out your skin tone. The same can go for your neutrals too. Instead of white, light beige or stone, stick to something richer like sand, camel, khaki or grey.

Olive/Medium Skin Tones

If you tend to tan rather than toast in the sun, you have what is known as a warm complexion. And the good news is that most colours will work with your skin tone.

However, to ensure you look your best, choose shades that are lighter or darker than the middle ground. What does this mean? If you are opting for light neutrals, go for light beige rather than sand. Or, if you want to rock a bit of colour, try a bold shade of magenta rather than mauve.

Since your skin likely has shades of green or yellow, you will want to avoid colours that are too close to your skin tone. This will stop your skin from blending into your clothing.

Shades that are probably a no-go are mustard, olive, pistachio or mocha brown. And for trickier outfits like an all-white look, make sure you are tanned enough.

Dark Skin Tones

Much like your olive skin tones, you have hit the genetic jackpot when it comes to colours. You can try your hand at pretty much anything without too much fear.

You do have license to play around with bold colours, but you should make sure that your outfit is balanced with shades that work well together. This just means choosing one or two shades that complement rather than compete with each other.

Much like how pastels wash out light skin tones, brown will not contrast clearly enough on your skin. This can result in your clothes looking like they are bleeding into your skin. and while black and navy are two key colours in anyone’s wardrobe, they are best kept to a minimum to make the most out of your skin tone.


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