3 fashion statement shoes every woman should own

3 fashion statement shoes every woman should own

3 fashion statement shoes every woman should own.

In Irish fashion news, If you simply love shoes, chances are you have loads of them hidden in the back of your wardrobe. Maybe they caught your eye in the shop window and you couldn’t resist? Perhaps you have kept onto them with the promise that you will someday wear them?

Whatever shoes you do have in your wardrobe, make sure at least one pair makes a statement. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to learn why you should have a pair of statement shoes in your wardrobe and how to style them.

Metallic Shoes

These shiny shoes may look a bit intimidating. However, you don’t need to fear them. They can be a great way of adding some texture to your wardrobe.

As metallic can be a statement on its own, it’s best to pair this shiny material with a softer tone. So, it’s time to break out your pastels. We are thinking of a ruffled blue jumpsuit.

Additionally, you can add more texture to your outfit with your accessories. Why not break out your gem earrings and basket-style purse.

Satin Shoes

Another material that looks intimidating but can be a great addition to your wardrobe when styled the right way. Bright green satin shoes may seem scary, but they are a great way of adding some colour to your outfit. As your shoes are a statement on their own, embrace neutral tones for the rest of your outfit.

Patterned Shoes

If you find your basic wardrobe is looking a little…well, basic, you are not alone. While it is a good idea to have staple pieces in your wardrobe, sometimes you want something that pops.

And why not do that with a cute little patterned shoe? They are a great way of adding some interest to your look without going overboard. Leopard print ballet shoes are perfect for slipping on and heading out the door.

And, as leopard print acts as a neutral on its own, they are versatile and easy to style with the rest of your wardrobe.

3 fashion statement shoes every woman should own : Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland 

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