Ways to lift your fashion leopard print look this Autumn

Ways to lift your fashion leopard print look this Autumn

Ways to lift your fashion leopard print look this Autumn.

Here at Irish fashion news we know fashion trends come and go. However, leopard print will always be in style. Historically, this print was used to symbolise wealth and power. Beyond that, this print can serve as a neutral – despite its wild appearance.

But, for a trend that has been around for ages, how do you make it look fresh and exciting? Keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our casual tips.

Play Around With Print

Sometimes, wearing a full outfit of print is just not your thing. And we get it. it can be hard to just jump into a trend. But that doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate it into some part of your outfit.

Why not start small with your accessories? You can spice up a neutral outfit with a chic leopard print bag that works all season. If bags are not for you, try some leopard print shoes or a small scarf tied around your neck.

Dress Things Down With Denim

A denim shirt, black trousers and leopard print accent. This could be a tote bag, crossbody or a scarf. Or you can go all out on top with a leopard print shirt with black denim skinny jeans.

Polish Up Your Professional Wardrobe

Have you a dress tucked away in the back of your wardrobe? Would you like it to see the light of day at least once in its lifetime? Why not spice it up with a leopard print moto jacket?

Top It With A Trench Coat

Despite people’s opinion that it can look tacky, a leopard print trench coat can be ridiculously chic. You can rock it with a dress, with some denim jeans, pants or any number of ways. Whatever way is your favourite, you can be sure that rainy days have never looked so fabulous.

Go All Out

This is a bold move that only the most confident of people can pull off. As mentioned before, sometimes you just need to dive right into a trend and let fear go. If you are the type to live it bold, go for it. From dresses, to tops paired with skirts, create a monochrome look using leopard print. And don’t forget your accessories.

Ways to lift your fashion leopard print look this Autumn : Irish fashion Ireland : Ladies fashion Ireland

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