Basic winter denim fashion guide 2021

Basic winter denim fashion guide 2021

Basic winter denim fashion guide 2021.

In Irish fashion news, when we chat about winter denim, it doesn’t mean fleece-lined jackets etc. Instead, Denim can be worn all year round if you know how to style it per season.

You don’t really have to alternate your denim look for different seasons, just the material. material in winter. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at important things to consider when styling denim in winter.

As we know denim isn’t the most insulating material. Instead, wind has a tendency to seep through it. All that is required is to get savvy with your choice of denim this winter.

Jeans not the only show in town

Just because its winter does not mean Jeans trousers are your only fashion option. Long denim skirts can be won and styled with legging or tights. The beauty about denim is its availability in different shades. For something more day to day casual, black, blues and greys shades are good.

For above the knee skirt choices, pair your denim skirt with knee hight boots. Opting for something longer, ankle boots are fab and gracious.

Denim colour options for winter 2021

Did you know when it’s dark all the time, most of us reach for darker clothes. However, lightening up can make a big difference. A paler, 90s-influenced wash has really come into style. It can be a nice way to lighten up darker winter outfits.

To make more of a statement, off-white jeans are a great base for wintry colours like mustard and rust. Just ensure to check the weather forecast before venturing out.

A safer option can be mid-blue jeans. This look is easier to pull off. Try fusing them with a dark coat and ankle boots. Be adventurous and apply bright outerwear.

Keep yourself warm

OK, cropped jeans may be a popular choice for summer fashion. However, give it a break for the colder months. Exposing your ankles in chilly weather can affect the way you feel. If you still convinced about crops during winter, pair with pop socks and sneakers.

Cropped jeans can also go so well with ankle boots. It all depends on the occasion. If chilling with friends, sneakers apply. For something a little more formal, anklers the only choice.


Basic winter denim fashion guide 2021 : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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