3 proven methods to help get long and luscious lashes

3 proven methods to help get long and luscious lashes

3 proven methods to help get long and luscious lashes.

Here at Irish fashion news, we recognise most of you have tried everything to grow your lashes. We also know how frustrating it can also be to try every method and not see results.

There are plenty of old wives’ tales online that promise lash growth, including using lemon juice (never do this). Not only are some of them ineffective, but some can be dangerous (lemon juice).

To keep you and your lashes safe, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we show you three proven methods to getting long and luscious lashes.

Practice Proper Grooming

When you are trying to grow out your lashes, it’s best to be gentle. Choose a gentle makeup remover and mascara that is easy to wipe off. While waterproof formulas are nice, they can leave you tugging around your eyes. Which will not help you grow long lashes.

And, you might not want to hear this, but step away from your curler. This can cause damage to your natural lashes while they grow. To avoid breakage, brush your lashes regularly and you can also take biotin. However, you should always consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

Another thing you can also avoid is your lash glue. Wonder why you feel pain when you take your lashes off at the end of the night? It could be your adhesive.

Consider A Lash Growth Serum

Much like any beauty product, there are plenty of lash growth serums out there which prove to be effective. Some have active ingredients like bimatoprost, which can make your lashes grow longer and thicker.

Cosmetic products are advertised as improving long and thick lashes. These products contain active ingredients, natural extracts and vitamins.

However, since they are ‘cosmetics’, their efficiency has not been evaluated critically. Like any other beauty product, it is important to research the ingredients and read reviews before trying.

Try Oils

Particularly castor or coconut. If you are weary of lash serums, why not try the natural route which some oils? While there may not be much evidence on how effective these oils can be, but their hydrating properties may help brittle lashes.

And, while there is not much research to confirm castor oil will make your lashes grow, it seems to have some benefit for your hair.


3 proven methods to help get long and luscious lashes : Irish fashion news : Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland

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