Fashion tips to recreating celebrity outfits from your wardrobe

Fashion tips to recreating celebrity outfits from your wardrobe

Fashion tips to recreating celebrity outfits from your wardrobe.

Here at Irish fashion news, one of the main reasons why we love celebrities so much is that they always look good. We are sometimes so captivated by their outfit, we want to recreate it ourselves.

And while we do not have their budget, we can still use some style tricks to bring a touch of celebrity to our wardrobes. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out more.

Choose The Right Inspiration

If you want to recreate a celeb’s outfit, think about your own life and any events coming up. Chances are they are not red-carpet. While some people are working from home, you still need to look professional.

Also, keep in mind what the weather is like if you are going out or if you are meeting people after work. The good thing about recreating a celeb’s outfit is that they are people like you and me. Yes, they do have bigger budgets. But you can take a look at what they wear on their days off.

Look At Your Own Wardrobe First

Despite what you might believe, you do not have to spend money to recreate your favourite celebrity’s style. A lot of them on their downtime stick to basic wardrobe pieces.

Take a look at what you have in your wardrobe. Is there something that look identical to whatever your celebrity is wearing? Do you have something similar that you could wear instead? Force yourself to get creative with what you already own.

A Colour Scheme Is Your Best Friend

Touching on the previous tip, let’s say there is an outfit you want to recreate. However, you may not have the exact piece you need. It might not be the right pattern, or the shape could be completely different.

But it is the right colour. Always use that item. When you nail the colour scheme, your outfit will look strikingly similar to what you are trying to recreate, even if the items are not exactly right.

Find The Right Accessories

Anyone who loves fashion will know that your accessories will make or break your outfit. And the right accessories will elevate any outfit you wear.

When it comes to recreating outfits, your accessories are just as important as your clothing. Again, try to keep the colour scheme in mind. If the purse is black, use a black purse.

Fashion tips to recreating celebrity outfits from your wardrobe ; Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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