The worst men's fashion trends to avoid in 2021

The worst men’s fashion trends to avoid in 2021

The worst men’s fashion trends to avoid in 2021.

Here at Irish fashion news, we know there are plenty of questionable fashion trends that should never have been popular. Fast forward a couple of years and suddenly, these trends are everywhere.

Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for the comeback looks that have made their way back into today’s fashion.


It seems like all the best shoes are missing backs nowadays. This year, it is all about mules. Which seem to be a shoe-lovers dream and a chiropodist’s nightmare.

Love them or hate them, mules are here to stay. And, when styled right, they can be simple, elegant and go with everything in your wardrobe. You can dress up a flat pair with some slouchy joggers and blazer.

Or, if heels are more your thing, you can dress up a heeled pair with flared trousers or jeans. Just apologise to your toes later.


The 90s are well and truly back. And nothing says 90s more than the choker. You can wear them big and bold. Or you can go dainty and delicate. And you can always embrace your inner goth with a simple velvet band.

To modernise your choker, let it be the main vocal point of your outfit. Keep the rest of your jewellery simple and above your collarbones.

Flared Trousers

Much like the 90s, 70s fashion trends have seen a resurgence in popularity. According to brands like Gucci and Ellery, fit-and-flare trousers are back. And it’s all about exaggerating your proportions. This make these trousers perfect for showing off your killer shoes.

To fully embrace the 70s, you can rock a graphic tee tie in a knot with a leather jacket. And don’t forget to finish your look off with some boots. Or for a modern twist, you cannot go wrong with Vans. When it comes to your flared trousers, make sure to keep your top half slim-fitting.

Disco Boots

The 70s are well and truly back. And that means you should all embrace the disco boot. The more glittery and over-the-top, the better. They are the perfect show for showing off your frivolous side and letting you indulge in a little escapism.

Disco boots allow you to embrace the disco trend without going all in. You can dress them down with a plain t-shirt and jeans and let your boots be the focal point.

The worst men’s fashion trends to avoid in 2021 : Irish fashion news : Men’s fashion Ireland

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